Your Go-To Pieces for a New Year!


Ring in the new year with some new hope and some new styles! Change up your style or enhance it up with these new trends!

After what felt like a traumatic part two of 2020, 2021 & 2022 is finally over. And we are now embracing the new with 2023! Here’s hoping this year brings us a bit more clarity, peace of mind, and maybe some opportunities to strut around in our favourite outfits and style. And though we may have temporarily shifted back to the WFH lifestyle during the new variant scare, that doesn’t mean we still can’t channel our best styles from home. And maybe even with a breath of fresh air. After all, it’s a new year and definitely, the perfect opportunity to change up your style or enhance it up. So this January, let’s embrace the unknown with new hopes and new styles as well as some new trends from Melorra’s latest collections!

Here are Ten go-to pieces for a brand New Year:


The Zip Allure Drops bode well for a fierce vibe to ace all your meetings.

Opt for an extra oomph factor with The Clawed Chic Pendant.

The Chipper in Zipper Bangle is the chic element for a stylish January.

The Leopard Lovin Ring is equal parts elegant and extravagant.

Make all your zoom calls interesting with The Zip and Zoom Diamond Necklace.

Clash some prints with The Clawed Chic Hoops and get funky with fashion.

Looking to change things up a bit this year? Well, we hope these styles gave you some inspo! And if you’re interested in some more inspiration, check out our latest collections with some of the newest trends to keep you stylish all year round.

Check it out here!

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