Best 5 Gold Bracelets Under ₹40K! #Buyer’sGuide


“Elegance is good taste, plus a dash of daring” You must have some modern pieces of gold jewellery in your collection if you enjoy adding designer pieces from international fashion to your style. Any outfit is transformed by the chic, lightweight jewellery, which gives it a delicate yet stunning appearance.  Gold bracelets include a variety […]

5 Simple Hacks to Keep Your Gold Jewellery Shiny!


The shine of gold is fundamental to its value. Gold is worth wearing if it’s gleaming. Unlike silver, it does not tarnish with time, but it acquires a dull, oily layer through contact with lotions, powders and the oils naturally occurring on your skin. In addition, gold that has been alloyed with other metals, such […]

All Set to Match your Autumn/Winter Style Needs! #StyleGuide


“Fall has got to be the greatest time of the year for fashion” – Seth Weisser With the weather changing, there are multiple outfit possibilities; one of our particular favourites is the jacket. This autumn, we’re gravitating towards larger blazers, leather motorcycle jackets, and of course, classic Chanel tweed and bouclé coats. In addition to […]

A Style Guide for Pairing Danglers with Any Outfit!


From simple drops to embellished beauties, dangler earrings are available in a multitude of designs, and we are going gaga over the latest trends. They have the power to uplift any boring outfit and make you look fashionable in seconds.  Melorra’s global trend-inspired gold danglers are the type of lightweight gold jewellery you need. Perfect […]