A Gentlemen’s Guide to Buying Fine Jewellery #tips

Picking jewellery for your partners is a task that nothing has prepared you for. And with all the options in the market – both offline and online, the gifting process has become all the more complicated. We know buying gifts for her is difficult. And we’re here to simplify just that. So don’t fret! So, to get to the problem, we did an internal survey to create a gifting guide that has all the answers you’ve been looking for! Whether it’s a birthday gift for her or an anniversary one, when your fine jewellery options are trendy, affordable and hassle-free, it should also be an easy pick. And we at Melorra are all about making things foolproof! *wink We chalked down some questions from our survey, to make it an easier choice for you. Here’s what you need to know: #1. How to select a category? With so many categories…