SS’20: Groove Into the 70s Era! #TrendAlert

Whether it was about Stayin’ Alive with the Bee Gees, being the Dancing Queen with ABBA or a Champion with Freddie Mercury… the 70s were totally lit! Annnnnddd ready for a comeback! The 70s made a flashy entrance in all it’s Disco format this season. With a clash of prints and a kaleidoscope of colours, the retro vibe was hard to miss! Pairing floral print with stripes or colour-blocking with hallucinating patterns, everything was in. Polka dot it, stripe it or just let your imagination take over, anything and everything works! The 70s era was essentially a time of self-expression, anti-war movements, hippies and how can we forget – Disco. After all the blunders of 60s, the youth was ready to maximalize their clothes and their expressions with it too. Music was one such stream that influenced fashion in a big way. The 1970s became a musical bridge for the…