Dive into the Latest Trend with our Mermaid Collection #TrendAlert

How often do you get fascinated with myths? Do you wonder if there is truth in the stories you grew up with? Well, there is always a possibility even in the impossible. Isn’t it?  Stories about Mermaids have been whispered since time immemorial, and when the seas have so much yet to be discovered, we no doubt have a fascination for deep secrets and the unexplored. Melorra’s Mermaid Collection is inspired by the ocean’s secrets that you can flaunt wherever you go!  Mermaids on the Runway: Designer’s Exhibit   In the Runways, mermaids have always been a favourite ever since the 19th century when narrower silhouettes became more popular than heavy gowns. This spring-summer, there was a plethora of mermaid-inspired outfits on display – Chanel experimented with the dresses, mostly the bottom fabric, creating patterns; Alberta Ferretti with aquatic colours; and Ludovic de Saint Sernin’s bolder take on experimentation with…