AW 19/20: Strong Meets Strong This Season! #Fridayrefresh

This season continues to be a wardrobe revamp in all their sleeve and shoulder ways. And it’s not even close to being done! From an off-shoulder trend to a powerful one, there’s a whole lot of shoulder play. After playing with sleeves of voluminous sizes and styles, it was time to take on the shoulder with a gender-bending approach. Making a comeback, this trend is a mix of the 80s power suit and graceful feminine touches. Saint Laurent’s collection of both bright and black tones included a touch of grace and drama with cinched waistlines. While on the other hand, Rich Owens dramatic curved shoulders gave a new meaning to power coats. Look at Me Shoulders Exaggerated, extravagant and edgy was the shoulders theme this autumn-winter, making workwear, not just functional but also eye-catchy. With androgynous structures, cutwork, puff sleeves and shoulder pads, there was a whole range of power…