5 Reasons to Replace Your Old Gold with Trendy Gold Jewellery! #VaralakshmiVratam #TimeForChange

I like for jewellery to tell a story and to be able to talk about what I’m wearing. That’s more important to me than a name, brand, or label. – Nikki Reed Varalakshmi Puja is a popular festival celebrated in many southern states of India, such as Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. On this auspicious day, the women observe an age-old fast to appease the goddess Varalakshmi, the granter of wishes. They perform rituals and puja to the deity for the well-being and prosperity of their family. The belief goes that performing Varalakshmi puja can bring one the combined benefits of eight divine forms of Lakshmi. Tradition says Gold, We say Trendy Gold Jewellery!  On this day, gold, which is considered a symbol of prosperity, takes precedence. Bringing home gold or gold jewellery is synonymous with bringing home “Lakshmi” herself. Like most festivals in India, purchasing gold on this day…