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10 Cosmos Designs for the Stargazer! #UniversalTrend

Stars, moon, galaxies. Oh yeah, cosmos inspired jewellery charm us like nothing else! As the moon-face Marilyn Monroe has stated that we all are stars and deserve to twinkle! Why not add a little-yet-literal star, with the twinkle of gold and diamonds?  Cosmos-inspired jewellery might look like a modern rage – but that’s not factually correct. Celestially inspired jewellery has been à la mode for ages. Wanna know why such pieces are popular besides just having cute and appealing features? Stay on. Not just any jewellery, trend-inspired jewellery is the one that holds deeper meaning beyond what meets the eyes. On top of it, the ones that stay in trend throughout definitely make the must-have-must-own list! Talking about ever-trendy jewellery, sentimental motifs gained high popularity in the Victorian era. From crescent moons, anchors to birds and even horse-shoes, Victorians were all about connections and symbolism. And, what connects to sentiments…

8 Gorgeous Pendants to Pick Right Away! #melorra

The celebration continues  at Melorra! The wedding season together with the start of endless year-ender parties will set the tone for a festive month and weekends! So, are you ready and stocked with your fashion finds? Not yet? Here, let us fix that for you. Starting with statement pendants that make for a fashionable accessory without burning a hole in your pockets, we’ve lined up 8 of the best and most versatile gold, diamonds, gemstones and enamel pendant to you to pick. If you’re a lover of everything minimal, gold pendants must be your go-to accessory! This precious jewellery can be added to a necklet, coupled with a pair of danglers and teamed up with that cocktail dress you’ve been dying to flaunt. Wear your pendants with a pair of gold studs to add a hint of panache to your workwear. And if you’re thinking you can’t pair them for those…