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The Trendy Birthstones You Need To Know About!

A topic that we all love to discuss – horoscope has always made for interesting conversation starters. Connecting with our traits, we all love to check what we lean more towards. Whether it is a short-temper issue for the Taurus or the balanced vibes we get from Librans, there are so many things to talk about. Then there are also birth flowers, planets and of course stones. Every gemstone or a semi-precious stone has been a part of this conversation on and off. From Blue Topaz, pearl rings, to basically any gold ring with stone, wearing our Birthstones is cool. And, as we move towards accepting western trends, both in outfits and jewellery, we want our Birthstones to reflect style too! And this is where we come in. Picking out different trendy stones that we at Melorra use, we’re denoting their healing and zodiac properties to make it easy for…