AW21/22: Enchanted by the Fashion Fairytales #FashionMuse

Films plus Fairytales? A cauldron of fashion moments to mesmerize and leave us all enchanted! The magic of fairytales is eternal. And Hollywood is familiar with that too. From drop-dead gorgeous sets to costumes that take our breath away, movies have glamorized fairytales with the exact amount of fairy dust to perfection! And some of these films are iconic for their ethereal charm and splendid fashion. So let’s take this time to gather around some of the films that had us enchanted by their fashion fairytales. Maleficent A tale that seemingly tells the “truth” behind sleeping beauty’s dark fairy, Angelina Jolie as Maleficent sure had us mesmerized. But another thing about the movie than the plot that caught everyone’s attention was the gorgeous costumes! From Arora’s dreamy dresses, especially the proposal dress with its hand-tied leaves that gave off a magical feel to the Queen’s surreal look, it was fashion…

What’s Your Reason To Gold? #ContestLove

Love jewellery? Wear it every day! Be it for work, parties, or just a casual brunch with friends. Any reason or every reason is cool! To get to know the ‘any and many’ reasons for our followers to wear jewellery every day, we opened up a cool contest. Via “Any Many Reasons,” we asked them to let the Predictive Text on their phone keypad auto-fill the responses for them! We found some amusing, fun and hilarious responses to why they buy and wear particular gold jewellery. Let’s see how these ‘most often used words on their keypads portray their secrets!!  #1 These earrings are for Friday night because… Special Surprise Ahead!!… Or maybe, for a happy Friday night sleep! 😀 Yay!! Now that’s needed!!! #2 I wore this bracelet for lunch because… A little something for yourself… 🙂 #3 These earrings are…

Melorra is Moving!!! Fashion Has a New Address

We heard you! We couldn’t agree more that fashion destinations should be super fab! So, sticking to that rule – we decided to move! And, here we are, at a uber-chic new location, a new address and a whole lot of inspiration! Folks, this is where all the fashion, fine jewellery and fabulous conversation kicks off its journey towards you! So, take a sneak peek! It is still ‘work in progress’, as is fashion! We’d love to hear more ideas from you!  So, YOU ARE INVITED! hope you are loving it so far, we sure are! Come join us for a cuppa or a bubbly & let’s talk fashion, jewellery and all things YOU! Show us some love and we promise to bring to you some uber fab-tastic Fashion-fine jewellery combos, all yeat long, always