8 Useful Tips to Keep Your Gold Bracelets Shining!


All that glitters may not be gold, but if your gold doesn’t glitter then it may feel less than precious.

From friendship bracelets to tennis bracelets, it is a bridge that we cross as we journey from girlhood to womanhood. Our bond with this versatile piece of jewellery is undeniable.  It is a quick fix on those busy bustling days or a funky add-on for those quirky days. Bracelets are a no-brainer when it comes to accessorizing. A perfect companion to all your outfits!

We, at Melorra, acknowledge this love with a wide range of gold bracelets for daily wear. Work or play, we have an option for every mood and every day.

But, what do you do when that treasured gold bracelet starts to look a little somber? We are here to help with just that.

Like all things, with a little bit of care, you can bring their sparkle back in no time. Not just that, you can maintain it for as long as you want as well.

Follow these simple hacks to keep your gold bracelets shining like brand new.

Gold Bracelet Care Rules

Protect, Clean and Store wisely! Here are some quick, easy and practical tips that can help. Protect from exposure to harsh chemicals, and products. Check and clean the gold bracelets at regular intervals to minimize the build-up of oil and dirt. Finally, give due care in storage. Use appropriate boxes or cases for safe keeping.

#1 Keep away from chlorine/ salt water 

We know that you like to take a dive now again, but your favourite gold bracelet may feel differently. Exposing it to chlorinated water can potentially damage the structure of the gold material. Consistent contact with chlorinated water in swimming pools and such can corrode the metal, eventually leading to breakage. Show some love and take your gold bracelets off before you go for that much-needed swim.

If you are a beach baby, then this is for you too! Much like chlorine water, salty water also reacts with gold, damaging the metal. So make sure to keep your gold wrist buddies safely tucked away while you go get yourself some vitamin ‘sea’.

Shy Lily Gold Bracelets

#2 Say ‘No’ to harsh chemicals

Melorra offers plenty of options in daily wear simple gold bracelet designs for ladies. It is easy to forget to take off this lightweight jewellery while you go about household chores. Be that as it may, harsh chemicals in home cleaners and detergents can damage the gold. It is best advised to keep your bracelets protected by removing them or wearing gloves.  

Hexa Face Gold Bracelets

#3 Let them be the last but not the least

As you glam up in the morning, make sure to put on your gold bracelet and other gold jewellery at the very end. Chemicals in perfumes, moisturizers, or other skin care products can tarnish and cause the build-up of dirt and grime over time.  Avoid or reduce contact, by putting on your bracelet after applying such products.

Rose Twined Gold Bracelet

#4 Not your shower buddy

There’s nothing like a refreshing shower to wind up after a tedious day, right?!  Absolutely.

Nevertheless, take care to leave your gold bracelet behind while you wash away your troubles. Wearing them while you bathe can result in an unnecessary build-up of soap making them duller in appearance.

Roses of Grim Bracelet

#5 Schedule Regular Cleaning

Weekly or fortnightly cleaning of all your cherished everyday gold jewellery can help maintain its lustre without fail. Your best friend when it comes to cleaning your gold bracelets is a soft-bristled toothbrush. This is probably the only tool that you need to keep them as good as new. Be it your office staple or special piece, regular cleaning will benefit you in the long run.

Collar Crowd Gold Bracelets

#6 Keep it simple

Wondering how to clean your precious babies?! Don’t fret, just soak them in warm water with a mild, preferably fragrance-free soap. Get your magic tool, Yes!, a soft bristle brush and scrub away. The thin flexible fibres will help shake up any oil and grime stuck in the crevices. Dry them out completely and store them away safely. Yes, it’s that simple! 

Fab Feather Gold Bracelet


#7 Be Gentle

We know you love to flaunt our tennis bracelets, a classic choice to add some dazzle to your work/casual wear. Diamonds and gemstones require some extra love and care. So, use your gentle touch while handling and cleaning them. Follow up by wiping them dry with a lint-free cloth every time. 

Will O’ The Wisp Diamond Bracelets


#8 Give them a safe haven

If you love stacking bangles or hoarding bracelets, look no further, keep an eye out for our global trend-inspired jewellery. While you take your pick remember to store each piece in individual cloth pouches or Jewellery boxes. Gold can gather scratches and scrapes when they come in contact with other ornaments. This in turn can turn them lacklustre. So, give each one of them a comfortable home to rest in as you retire from the day. This would also save time by preventing messy tangles.

Looped Lace Gold Bracelet

Now that you know all the hacks, keeping the shine on your bracelets will be a breeze! Take care of them with these simple, convenient tips at home or on the go. So don’t hold back, let your bracelets shine as bright as your spirit!

Check out the latest designs here and keep the love alive!

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