Let Your Diamonds Shine Bright! #buymelorra

Diamonds are forever and have been around forever too! From being considered as a splinter of a falling star, to possess healing properties, diamonds have been the topic of discussion everywhere and all the time. While we live in the 21st century, we’re still loopy about this Forever gemstone.

A diamond has always been a part of every woman’s wardrobe (and dream), in jewellery that she wears every day like a solitaire ring or studs, or keeps it in her locker to wear on special occasions like a chunky necklace or danglers. Either way, there’s a diamond somewhere on her list, either it’s a valentine gift from you or a gift for herself! When she wants one, no one can stop her. We all agree with that.

With diamonds in the air and Valentine’s day pressure getting to the men, there are some essential points that need to be kept in mind to ensure that the trinket of love, can eternally shine.

While a diamond gift is not so far behind, here’s how you can care about this precious stone:

#1. A clean diamond will always sparkle

A diamond is all about the bling after all! So it’s necessary to make sure that there’s no dirt or make-up stuck to it and making it appear cloudy. Cleaning the diamond every once in a while with a soft or flannel cloth will help in keeping it bright and shiny. If there’s something stuck around the corners, you can always use a soft toothbrush or soak it in a mix of warm water and dishwashing liquid.

However, make sure that you do not apply any chemical cleaner to it, which will damage the prongs around the diamond or erode them.

gold jewellery
Daisy Chain Diamond Bangle

#2. Diamonds should be stored exclusively

While the diamond is unique, it’s a bit fragile too. To store this ‘always’ piece, make sure that it’s either in the original box, wrapped in a soft tissue paper, a fabric-lined jewellery case etc. to avoid scratching the surface. Even while cleaning, it’s important to use a gentle fabric and touch.

gold jewellery
Dangle Triangle & Looped Fringe Diamond Rings

#3. Shield them from harmful substances

Though diamond jewellery can be worn every day, you should ensure that you apply your makeup first and then accessorise to avoid getting marks on the gemstone. Make certain that perfumes, hairsprays, deodorants or air fresheners don’t make direct contact with the stone, as over time, these things can dull down the sparkle of a diamond. Avoid wearing this trinket, if you’re exposed to extreme temperature variations.

diamond jewellery
Looped Fringe Diamond Danglers

#4. Get those stones checked

Just like we get a health check-up, it’s important to get your diamonds checked too. As there are metal prongs holding the diamond, sometimes it can get damaged, which need to be taken care of. Making a periodic visit to the jeweller will help in keeping the diamond secure.

Diamond jewellery
Galaxy Glam Diamond Necklace

#5. Evaluate and buy

Before you decide to pick up a diamond for yourself or your S-O, do remember to check the 4Cs! Denoting the Cut, Colour, Carat and Clarity of the diamond, these 4 properties determine the type and sparkle of a diamond. It also decides the price. So gentlemen, make sure you go for a good cut while you look at the price!

diamond jewellery
Dazzling Dahlia Diamond Ring

#6. Buy from a trusted source

Lastly, since you’d like this jewellery to be there forever, make sure that the brand you pick has certified diamonds and hallmarked gold. With the growing need for versatile jewellery, it’s also beneficial to pick a brand that offers a lifetime exchange policy. With a guarantee from the jewellers, any repair or replacement should be covered by them and be hassle-free for you.

So now don’t just gift a diamond, also show that you care for it! Following a few simple steps, the forever diamond will indefinitely be the best gift you’d have ever picked!

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Let Your Diamonds Shine Bright! #buymelorra
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Let Your Diamonds Shine Bright! #buymelorra
Let Your Diamonds Shine Bright! #buymelorra
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