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10 Cosmos Designs for the Stargazer! #UniversalTrend

Stars, moon, galaxies. Oh yeah, cosmos inspired jewellery charm us like nothing else! As the moon-face Marilyn Monroe has stated that we all are stars and deserve to twinkle! Why not add a little-yet-literal star, with the twinkle of gold and diamonds?  Cosmos-inspired jewellery might look like a modern rage – but that’s not factually correct. Celestially inspired jewellery has been à la mode for ages. Wanna know why such pieces are popular besides just having cute and appealing features? Stay on. Not just any jewellery, trend-inspired jewellery is the one that holds deeper meaning beyond what meets the eyes. On top of it, the ones that stay in trend throughout definitely make the must-have-must-own list! Talking about ever-trendy jewellery, sentimental motifs gained high popularity in the Victorian era. From crescent moons, anchors to birds and even horse-shoes, Victorians were all about connections and symbolism. And, what connects to sentiments…

SS’21: Lively. Dramatic. Digital #TrendAlert

Colours, prints and patterns have always been Spring favourites. Coming together this time, the Spring Summer 2021 got digital! Are you ready to deck up some digital patterns head-to-toe? This Spring Summer 2021, the digital surge is at its peak. Print and pattern are the key representatives of the SS’21 fashion season. The designers brought the vintage and gave us a class on Contemporary 101 to experience this dramatic vibe in all its high.  Your question would be – “How?” Let’s see how! Combining new infusions of artisanal vintage aesthetics with global culture and heritage influences – the classic motifs and trends got new energy. The digital patterns trend this season is all about stylised motifs and wallpaper-like prints with a head-to-toe persona. From stark monochrome to vibrant & modern takes, patterns were all about colour play and surreal styling. Florals, chequered, abstract, monograms and universal, every print was up…