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How To Choose Gold Earrings For Your Jeans #CasualWear Guide

We get this asked a lot – what type of gold earrings are suitable for jeans and tops? And all my other casual outfits? This question comes up because, for a lot of women, it probably gets difficult to imagine gold earrings with their ruffled tops and casual denim look. They are so used to seeing gold as heavy, chunky jewellery that gets typically worn with occasion wear. However, when your gold earrings look fashionable, are affordable and come in simple designs, they can make a great pair-up with not just your jeans, but all your everyday wear. Your casual look deserves an earring style that matches the easy breezy vibe!” #1 Go For Studs Stud earrings make the perfect companions for your outfits of the day! So, when in doubt, do ‘studs’! They’re dainty, they come in so many motifs – floral, geometric and abstract AND when they are…