Venice Film Festival Fashion

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10 Looks to Love from Venice!

Here’s counting the ten best looks from the Venice Film Festival! Gear up for serious glam ‘cause the stars are ready with their A-Game! The picturesque Venice has inspired creativity for centuries! With its art, literature and its floating beauty, its renowned for its aesthetics. Even when it comes to cinema, Venice is a special place and has inspired many a movies. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp’s tumultuous romance in The Tourist, anybody? And so it’s time again for Venice Film Festival to introduce groundbreaking films from across the world. And of course, that means the stars come down from their water taxis to grace us with the best of the best looks of all time! It was a star-studded red carpet at the Palazzo del Cinema this year. From Dior to Gucci to Rodarte and Valentino, it was a designer dream that ascended right from the heavens to our…