The Trendy Birthstones You Need To Know About!

A topic that we all love to discuss – horoscope has always made for interesting conversation starters. Connecting with our traits, we all love to check what we lean more towards. Whether it is a short-temper issue for the Taurus or the balanced vibes we get from Librans, there are so many things to talk about. Then there are also birth flowers, planets and of course stones. Every gemstone or a semi-precious stone has been a part of this conversation on and off.

From Blue Topaz, pearl rings, to basically any gold ring with stone, wearing our Birthstones is cool. And, as we move towards accepting western trends, both in outfits and jewellery, we want our Birthstones to reflect style too!

And this is where we come in. Picking out different trendy stones that we at Melorra use, we’re denoting their healing and zodiac properties to make it easy for you! Pick your choice of colour, tone and print with absolute ease! ‘Cause it’s not just about the stone, but about the look too!

While Ruby is known to be the birthstone of this zodiac, this fire sign is known to be passionate, dynamic and temperamental in nature. Keeping their nature in mind, modern stones like Aventurine, Pink Tourmaline and Amethyst also joined this zodiac’s stone choice. Bringing forth the calm and rational side forward, the aventurine stone helps in creating self-discipline and focuses on empowering inner strength. While Amethyst birthstone helps in strengthening the imagination, creativity and passion.

Spot the Saxe
Cool Candy
Lilac Mystique

You can wear amethyst rings or add it as a pendant for all your neutral pairings. You can also create a colour block while pairing it with a matching print!


Famously known as the Bull sign, this zodiac has a conservative and realistic take. A dependable and emotional being, this Earth sign is ambition, resilient and focused towards their goals. Apt for their focused nature, the Tiger Eye stone helps to release fear and anxiety and aid harmony and balance. In all aspects of life. While Lapis Lazuli, a deep blue stone, is also a good choice for this zodiac. It encourages self-awareness, self-expression, honesty and compassion. If you prefer a clear stone, you can also choose an opal stone which will enhance serenity and calmness.

Tiger Point
Cobalt Shots
Pop of Pink

You can pair these stones with your pastel to create a print effect that is bound to be noticed. You can also choose to pair the Opal stone with any of your print attires for a blingy reflection!


The air sign of the celestial twins, this zodiac surely has a dual personality to cover all its interests. A rational, social and a communication lover, this sign enjoys giving advice. This sign is connoted with moonstone, yellow line agate and serpentine stones to name a few. Moonstone is known to bring ‘new beginnings’ and is a stone of inner strength and growth. It also stabilizes emotions and stress. Yellow line agate stone is another gemstone you can go for. This stone is known to increase willpower, concentration, memory and logic.

Tiger Point
Rattle Tattle
Whiter Than White

Pick up these trendy precious stones and pair them up with your denim or those flowy beach dresses! Or you can choose to pair it up with a stack of gold rings with a single stone and let it do all the talking.


A water sign known for its Ruby and Emerald birthstones, Cancerians have a devoted and compassionate side. A highly intuitive sun sign, some of its other trendy stones include the rainbow moonstone which brings out greater creative ability and intuitiveness. It can also bring in healing energies and is often used by women. Pearl is another gemstone which enhances personal integrity and helps in providing focus and wisdom.

Cabernet Franc
White Pearl

Whether it is a pearl necklace, pearl earrings or a gold chain with pearls, it’s surely going to help you create an Audrey Hepburn classic look with your black outfits.


Another of the fire signs, Leos are adventurous with immense energy. An intelligent, self-aware, creative and idealistic zodiac, this sign is always ready to try something new. An ideal addition for this sun sign is the Black Onyx gemstone. Its properties include transforming negative energy and the development of emotional and physical strength. One of the other pair-ups is the black Agate stone which helps in creating calm during times of stress.

Twilight Saga
Black Panther
Ball Dance

A black stone is always known to ground inner dilemmas and most of all, can work with almost any outfit. Pair it as a pendant with a gold chain or add a ring that is both stylish and bold. The choice is all yours!


Dependable and patient are the sign’s key qualities that make this Earth being a perfectionist. Whether it is conquering every day with diligence and practice or take a step back to think logically, this sign is critical about everything. For this Earth sign, the Blue Topaz stone is an apt addition that brings peace and calmness to the soul. This stone reflects the energy of the mind and knowledge, stimulating one’s self-confidence and ability to learn. For this purpose, Blue Sapphire also works wonders for this sun sign.

Croc Talk
Freshwater Blue
Wild Blue Yonder

With numerous options to choose from, you can pick blue sapphire earrings to add some contrast colour to any outfit or a stack of blue topaz rings that will work perfectly for any evening wear look. If you’re looking to pair with day wear or work wear, a single blue ring will also grab attention!


Another one of the Air signs, Librans are known for their charm and loving nature. This zodiac also has an obsession with symmetry and can get fixated on finding balance and harmony. While used as a stone for Virgo, Blue Topaz is also recommended for this sun sign. It helps in increasing creativity, and attention span, while calming all emotions for balance. Lapis Lazuli is another gemstone which helps in assisting the immune system and is known to relieve pain. Whether it is a migraine or a respiratory issue, this stone consists of healing properties that have been known for centuries.

Blossom Lush
Flame of Iris
Wavy Blue

Add this colour stone to your bracelet or as a pendant that will boost not only your imagination but also your health. Pair it up with your summery white outfits or tuck it in with your collared shirt – it’s a coloured addition that no one would miss!


A passionate and charismatic sign, this water sign derives strength from its emotional realm. This sign loves profound conversations and can often be misinterpreted by the other signs. Adding a green tinge to this zodiac, the diopsides stone adds not only colour but also improves intellect and encourages the desire to learn and evolve. While on the other hand, Red Onyx is strength giving and provides relief from mental or physical stress.

Green Pine
Nautical Colours
Golden Incline

A colour that will surely stand out from the crowd, pair these shades with your pastels to dazzle your look or pair it up with gold to highlight your minimal style.


A sign on a constant quest for knowledge, Sagittarius is a highly sociable sign which cannot sit still. They are intelligent, always ready for action and creative people that also forgive easily. White topaz can be used to organize their thoughts and think things clearly while also increasing their ability to understand. Lapis Lazuli and Blue Topaz birthstones are also some of the additions that will bring guidance and truth in all parts of life.

Belle in Blue
White Mist
Purple Haze

A mash-up of coloured stones, this sun sign has all the gemstone feels you need for any season. Whether it is a pair of white topaz studs for your office formals or a blue topaz birthstones ring to go from day to evening looks, there’s a lot to pick from!


The last of the Earth signs, Capricorns are known to be skilled at navigating both the material and emotional spheres. They are both emotional and realistic people who are practical, loyal, stable and stick by their friends during hard times. One of the precious stones recommended for this sun sign is Aragonite, which increases energy, boosts self-confidence and relieves stress all in one. Black onyx is another addition that helps in gaining positive energy and development of both physical and mental strength as well as stamina.

Pied Viper
Dark Moon

A combination of print and colour, include a mix of gold stone that would both be trendy and chic. Create a look by pairing with a gold necklace or a pair of danglers that will make up your Friday look!


One of the last air signs on the zodiac wheel, Aquarius is depicted as the water bearer denoted as the most humanitarian of them all. With an unconventional mindset, this sign is known for its intelligence and free-spirited nature. Pick Blue Iolite birthstones, as this gemstone helps in getting stability, independence. It also helps in resolving health issues.




Meandering Blue
Croc Talk

Include it in your everyday wardrobe and create a whole new jewellery section that is not just about your favourite gemstone.


The last water sign and at the end of the wheel is the Pisces sign that represents the constant division of attention between fantasy and reality. Pisceans are known to be romantic and imaginative and are considered to have learnt from all the other zodiacs. Colours work well for this sign with Blue Sapphire birthstones used for gaining self-confidence and Lapis Lazuli birthstones to bring healing from all ailments. You can also check Amethyst price in India to pick up a green stone.

Mulled Finery
trendy birthstones
Wild Blue Yonder
Fiery Blue

A touch of colour for your all day look as well as occasions, you can easily pair it up as a single pendant. Or pick up a necklace or a blue sapphire birthstones ring that suits your lifestyle. Without losing the style quotient, we must add.

So when there are unusual and trendy gemstones to choose from, why go for the traditional ones? Our fashion-inspired designs make your precious jewellery as updated as your clothing. Pair up the colour of your birthstone western wear with our stylish jewellery pieces. Whether it is a pearl necklace design you’re looking for or blue topaz rings, we’ve something you can easily include in your everyday wear!

Check out our entire gemstone collection here!

The Trendy Birthstones You Need To Know About!
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The Trendy Birthstones You Need To Know About!
A topic that we all love to discuss – horoscope has always made for interesting conversation starters. Connecting with our traits, we all love to check what we lean more towards.
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