The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Fine Jewellery! #MelorraForMen


Dressing well is a form of good manners.”

Tom Ford

Jewellery may be the last thing you put on, but it surely is the first thing people notice. It is a smart way to add some style to your outfits and it is no longer just a feminine accessory 

You’ve probably seen some men’s jewellery making the rounds in the market and wondered if it would suit you too! Maybe lately you have noticed friends sporting a few pieces of jewellery here and there. 

So, whether you’ve been playing around with jewellery, or are completely new to this trend, we are here with some hacks to help you nail your look. 

Melorra’s range of fine jewellery for men is the perfect starting point for anyone new to it, or even for the seasoned players. Lightweight jewellery, easy to wear that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.. 

How Much Jewellery Should Men Wear?

This is probably the very first question that pops in your head when stepping into the world of fine jewellery. The answer to this is as simple as can be – whatever suits your personal style!
Now you may have heard that for men “less is more”. Yes that may be true but only if your personality aligns with a minimalist style. 
What we wear is an expression of our personalities, so make choices that only you would make.
But, you could begin with rings, build your way up to pendants, chains, and lastly bracelets. If you are comfortable,  you may sport all of these items at the same time. If that is not your style, we recommend you choose at least two to make it work.
Pair our Touch of Class Diamond Pendant over a solid oversized t-shirt, skinny cargos, your favorite silver watch and some funky metal rings.

What Color of Jewellery to Choose?

If you are finicky about deciding which metal looks good on you, there’s a sure shot way of getting it done. 

Match metals to your skin’s undertone. You can check this by looking at the veins on your wrist. If you see a green hue, then you have a warm undertone and gold suits your complexion. If you see blue veins then you have a cold undertone, which means white gold/silver is your go-to metal. In case you cannot differentiate the color, you fall into the neutral category and can sport both.

Now this is just a standard, but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants, so go ahead with your gut feeling.

Choose the Traveller Gold Bracelet for a warm skin tone, Icy Like Drizzy Diamond Earrings for cold undertones. If you’re neutral, go for both.

Mix ‘N’ Match

Mixing metals may seem sinful in the beginning, but once you taste the flair, there is no going back. So mix away, just make sure to wear an outfit that brings out the elegance of both the metals.

Your best shot is to pair it with cream tones or all black outfits. Pair our Power within Diamond Pendant with the sign of the time diamond ring and a mix metal watch with button down black short and skinny jeans.

Balance is key
This is an important aspect of styling jewellery. If you’re wearing a simple watch on one wrist, match the other wrist with a simple bracelet or sleek rings or bands. Similarly if you are looking to layer necklaces, then go for a similar style on the wrist or match by stacking rings.

Wear it with confidence
Now we cannot stress this often, no matter what your personal style, whether you go all out or just want to rock some diamond studs. Do so in confidence. 

Pick items that you feel comfortable in and your confidence will shine on its own.

What’s the Occasion?

This is the final and most obvious point to keep in mind. Jewellery just like your outfits should compliment the environment around you. You might want to rock our 
Born to be Real Diamond Pendants while you chill with a cold beer with you friends, but at work you might want to keep it mellow with the Be Minimalist Gold rings.

So now that you have all the hacks at hand, go ahead and get going. Remember to have fun and do not shy away from experimenting new styles

Frost yourself with some fine pieces from our men’s jewellery collection. Check out now!

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