Top 9 Questions To Ask When Buying Diamond Jewellery!

From Rihanna to Pink Floyd to James Bond, there’s a diamond song to go to for every one of us. And as Marilyn Monroe rightly said, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. However, even girls have questions for their best friends. More than the regular ones btw! Let’s check out the top 9 questions that cross our minds while buying diamond jewellery.

Knowing about the 4Cs of diamond has been an age-old solution to buying one. Even though we might not understand the complete terminology of it, we still end up reading it in the hope of getting the answer to our diamond dilemma. While we’re all busy googling the answer to our jewellery guides, how about reading some information that might actually come in handy?

Besides Google sharing theoretical information with us, who has the time to read it all? In the world of quick tips and visual depictions, there’s only so much time to give. Answering some of your basic questions and sharing information on diamonds that would come in handy, we’ve come up with a list of questions. An all-you-need-to-know guide to buying diamonds, these are the most frequently asked questions on our list:

#1. How many diamonds are used in a product?

The number of diamonds in any product depends on numerous factors. As all the collections in Melorra are trend-based, we make sure that we’re true to it. For example, some of our California Girl diamond series has single diamonds; however, the Lace Remix collection has over 40 to 70 diamonds.

Besides the count, the type of setting used also affects the look of your diamond jewellery. A bezel-set diamond will have a bright shine, however, pave set diamonds have a collective glow.

#2. What is the diamond caratage?

A diamond caratage is basically a measurement of how much a diamond weighs. Instead of getting all technical, the vital thing to remember is that the higher the carat, the more expensive the diamond will be. However, the price of the diamond is not only ruled by its carat but also the cut of it. If a diamond is of a higher carat but hasn’t been cut properly, it will look smaller. So before you pick a diamond, make sure that it qualifies for all your requirements! Whether you’re looking to choose a diamond necklace or a pair of diamond earrings, this question remains essential!


#3. What is the price break up of a diamond product?

Now, there are certain things written in small print or just not in layman terms for us to understand. But, we at Melorra are here to make sure that you have all the significant insights about the diamond quality and the 4cs of diamonds. So here’s how it’s calculated:

  • The total gold cost will be calculated by multiplying the estimated gold weight and the gold price per gram (18k/22k). Refer to the table below for the complete price break up.
  •  The diamond cost or value is evaluated on the diamond weight multiplied by the diamond per carat.
  • Adding to the total of Gold Cost and Diamond Cost are the making charges
  • And the final addition of GST is the total price of the diamond.

Here’s a sample chart for the price of diamond rings that will help to clear it out:

SAMPLE CHART – Ring 18 kt Yellow Gold 
18 kt – Gold Price Per Gram* Rs. 2,200
Gold Weight (Approx) 3.6
Making Charges Per Gram (After Discount) 0
Diamond Per Carat* Rs. 80,000
Diamond Weight 0.27
Diamond Cost Rs. 21,600
Gold Cost Rs. 7,920
Making Charges 0
Total Rs. 29,520
GST Rs. 880
Final Cost Rs. 30,400
*This is an example, and all prices are hypothetical
Lace Broderie Diamond Ring

#4. Are these natural diamonds?

Many diamond jewellers work with American diamonds. Although, at Melorra, we’re all about the real deal. We choose the best quality diamonds that will shine the brightest and the longest. How do you know if it’s actually a real diamond? Don’t fret, because we give diamond certification with all our products. Our diamonds are certified by SGL and IGI laboratories to provide you with 100% authentic diamond jewellery.

Art Poise Studs

#5. What is SI IJ?

If you’ve noticed our diamond product details, you’d see under the point called Diamond, the carat used in the product with four letters ahead of it. These letters denote the diamond quality used in the product. As per the international diamond quality chart, the natural diamonds are graded as per the colour it has and how flawless they are. The ‘SI’ denotes the clarity scale, while the ‘IJ’ showcases the colour of the diamond.

Dash of Flash Ring

 #6. What would be the resale value of the diamond?

If you’ve purchased a product from us, for example, a real diamond ring, our lifetime exchange policy will kick in once the 30 day return period is over. We make sure that you don’t have to go through a lengthy process to get your diamond exchanged or have a hassle – full experience of any sort. So, as per the current diamond and gold price per gram, we’ll calculate the value of your product and give you a 90% cashback on the current price. Quick and Simple!

We know that besides all the technical stuff there are also questions about styling and how to pair it up. It’s time to include your fine jewellery to your everyday western wear or even for your work. Changing your inhibitions about precious jewellery and daily wear, here are some more FAQs that we’re resolving:

#7. Will it go with my everyday wear?

Yes absolutely! At Melorra, our aim is to create lightweight and trendy fine jewellery that will go with all your looks. Keeping in mind your hectic schedule and the multiple roles you have to fill in your day, we’re all about keeping you comfy yet on point. With light-weight, easy to wear and easy to care for jewellery, we use our innovative techniques to make it a simple process.

Our designs are also minimal in creation besides being modern. With 3-D printing technology, our jewellery can be created with intricate details, casting processes and contemporary finesse. Besides that, we make sure that every design is minimal and easy to carry so that you can go from your work plans to your evening ones without a doubt in your head!

Swan Serenity Bracelet

#8. Does it look trendy?

Following the global ramps and runways of the world, our inspiration lies in fashion. Looking at the latest trends of the season, we handpick a lot to translate into our diamond jewellery collections. So, whatever update you make in your wardrobe, whether it is stripes, lace or even an all-over print, we have the diamond jewellery that flaunts that trend too! So one thing is for sure – If you’re going to be up-to-date with your look of the season, your diamond jewellery will be too!

#9. What if I get bored with it?

With so many options out there and fast fashion revolution to look at, boredom can happen. But not when we’re here to cure it! We offer a lifetime exchange policy with all our products to make it easier to translate your old pieces into the latest ones. Got over a trend-inspired piece and want to update? Go ahead and pick it up! With a 90% value back policy, it’s a win-win situation that you don’t want to miss.

Diamond Rings Collection

We hope that we’ve answered some of your questions and made it easier for you to choose. With fine jewellery that is minimal, trendy and certified, there isn’t anything left to say no to, right? So go ahead and pick up your favourite fashion trend on jewellery and add a new piece to your everyday!

Check out our Diamond collection here!

Top 9 Questions To Ask When Buying Diamond Jewellery!
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Top 9 Questions To Ask When Buying Diamond Jewellery!
Top 9 Questions To Ask When Buying Diamond Jewellery!
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