5 Easy Styling Hacks for Your Weekend Look!

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The week’s time that fills the heart with a kind of zestfulness is definitely the weekends.

As if the mundane has new ways of sweet surprises wrapped in the days- when the evenings arrive, and you are closing the day, does it not seem like it’s time for all your favourite pursuits, and the little person in your head does the backflip?

Are you the one who likes to cosy up on your treasured couch? Or the one who plans their weekends ahead? Or are you the one who loves to let loose the hair and accommodate the wild? We all certainly love those days a little more than the others, whichever is the choice.

Isn’t that so? That the days are so bright and spring is in the , why not take a step out, feel and look your best whether you are planning to catch up with your BFFs, heading to the parties or taking a short trip to your nearby lovely locations.

Make the best of the weekends! 

When the humdrum routine of work says goodbye until next time, let us take you on a tour of ideas to sparkle this weekend with the vibrant collection of gold, diamond and gemstone jewellery at Melorra, which will glam you up. After all, accessories are the cherries on top! 

Here are 5 styling hacks for your favourite days:

#The Colour of the season is Yellow!

Ditch the suit trousers and dress up in a bright yellow tweed skirt and a matching blazer when you hang out with your friends. Put on the Brighter Than The Sun Diamond Ring from the Sunny Collection and look like a million-dollar.

Brighter Than Sun Diamond Ring
Brighter Than Sun Diamond Ring

#Planning to hit the disco or a concert?

Well! “Dance the night away”, said Jlo! So, put on your dancing shoes, a lovely mini skirt and a shimmer top. Or, if you love a mini black dress, pair it with the Eyes On Me Gemstone Choker Necklace from the Sparkle Collection because – Bling is in!

Eyes On Me Gemstone Necklace
Eyes On Me Gemstone Necklace

#How could we do without Parties on weekends?

Do you love to cook? Are you the one to order some pizza and coke? Invite your friends, set the party mood and get ready to groove! And, while you are the fantastic host, take up the little time to wear a draped dress for the cocktails and let this piece of Greek Gold Leaves Pendant from the Greek Goddess collection steal the show. Very Chic indeed!

Greek Gold Leaves Gold Pendant
Greek Gold Leaves Gold Pendant

#Just Weekending

Bare the legs and show off the pedis’. Whether you are running an errand long due or going out to grab burgers, pair this statement Double Back Less Gold Earrings with a flounced shirt and flared jeans, strappy sandals, which are must-haves in this season for that chic casual look. Knot a lace with our Lace Up Collection!

Double Back Lace Gold Earrings
Double Back Lace Gold Earrings

#Family get-together!

It’s not always we get time to spend it with our family during the weekdays in our busy work schedules. While you decide to go out on a picnic with your siblings or your mate, do other fun activities or meet up for dinner, look your best. Put on a floral dress and your kitten heels, and ensemble the look with Feel The Whimsy Fringe Diamond Bracelet from the Dramatic Fringe Collection. Perfect combination it is!  

Feel The Whimsy Fringe Diamond Bracelet
Feel The Whimsy Fringe Diamond Bracelet

Spring is the best time for all kinds of plans – the sun is out, days are soothing, and nights as pleasant. We may have all sorts of bucket lists to be ticked while looking for the best can always cheer up mundane days; make sure you do your breathing, the stroll or the run.

So, this season, let the spotlight be on you. Do the crazy, ditch the heavy, blend with the trend and notch up your style game cause’ we’ve got your back.

In addition to wearing lovely outfits and jewellery, wear that gorgeous smile – It’s the one thing that accomplishes all your looks.

Check out our exclusive Style Guide curated by the stunning Shraddha Kapoor.

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