How to Style Modular Jewellery? #StyleGuide

“Transformation, punch, individuality: One or all of the above are why you should wear jewellery.” – Iris Apfel

Do you believe accessories are as essential as clothing when defining your image? Indeed, it is true! You can elevate any appearance by simply accessorizing your clothes with contemporary jewellery. Merely wearing a stunning set of gold earrings may completely transform your appearance.


Moreover, modular jewellery is a fantastic and reasonably priced addition to your daily jewellery collection. Melorra’s exceptional collection is perfect for many outfits and occasions, as they come in various shapes and sizes.


Please continue reading to view our top 5 Modular jewellery pieces you can add to your wardrobe for the perfect look. 

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Look Glamorous Wherever You Go!

Check out our stylish modular jewellery that can be paired with all your outfits! Create a statement wherever you go!






Soft Swirls Gold Earrings

You cannot do better than elegant gold earrings when purchasing cost-effective and fashionable gold jewellery. This jewellery item, made with fine 18-karat gold and influenced by worldwide trends, is ideal for everyday use and looks stunning with formal and informal attire. 


These drop earrings look fantastic when paired with a flowy dress or jeans and a casual t-shirt. These are a great addition to your jewellery collection and are part of the Classics series.











My Kinda Charms Gold Earrings


These stylish drop earrings from the Classics Collection are beautifully polished gold earrings that would pair perfectly with your outfit at any brunch or business party, elevating your looks. 


These are apt earrings for daily wear if you seek something stylish and reasonably priced to spice up your regular outfits. You may effortlessly pair your style quotient with your casual or party attire to increase your style quotient.





Twist N Twiddle Gold Rings

Gold rings can make anything appear spectacular. Wearing a pair of gold rings might transform your daily wear. This stunning gold bracelet from the amazing Classics Collection may be a perfect addition to your casualwear. The attractive stripe motifs can make your clothing fashionable. 


It is a lovely and feminine piece of jewellery capable of upping your style game. It is also lightweight and easy to wear, making it suitable for everyday use.







Carousel Catch Gold Earrings

The stunning gold earrings epitomize how elegance never goes out of style. These beautifully polished gold earrings add fashion to your boring daily wear outfits. 


You may effortlessly pair your style quotient with your party or casual attire to increase your style quotient.





Jager Jet Gold Earrings

These earrings should unquestionably be on your shortlist if you want a pair of fashionable gold earrings for everyday use. These elegant drop earrings are reasonably priced and have a distinctively stylish style and minimalist appeal. 


Simple square-shaped gold studs with a lovely smooth finish are all they have to offer. These exquisitely crafted drop earrings, a part of the endearing Classics Collection, look great with any attire, no matter the occasion!

Add Flair To Any Outfit!

Who doesn’t like jewellery? After all, it’s an effective way to glam up any outfit and make you stand out from the crowd. It’s always a good idea to keep adding to your treasure trove of jewellery since your collection is nothing short of a treasure. 


You should always remember that you can never have too many pairs of fashionable gold earrings, especially when you can purchase them at reasonable costs.


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