5 Reasons to Choose Lightweight Gold Jewellery for Every Day!

Precious jewellery has always been connoted with traditional and chunky, while lightweight has meant artificial. However, while women have moved on to a fast-paced and modern lifestyle, their jewellery has been divided in two. And it’s time to change that, isn’t it?

With an ever-evolving lifestyle, women nowadays are working in every profession and breaking glass ceilings everywhere. And with the growing need for something fashionable, easy to wear and convenient, they have moved on from fine jewellery to others. But shouldn’t the modern woman’s jewellery complement her attitude too? And that too, without compromising the quality?

Traditional jewellery though comes with heritage and history, its usage has been limited. An expensive piece kept in lockers, categories like bangles and necklaces were just worn on special occasions. Besides wearability, traditional gold jewellery also had storage issues, cleaning issues and one of the major ones – it lacked design options.

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On the other hand, the option of costume jewellery came into being due to its design, convenience and more importantly, its no attachment nature. However, the quality deteriorates, the stone can fall off, the metal can cause allergies and even look tacky over time. And these are some of the issues all of us face every now.

With these disadvantages in mind, we at Melorra decided to not only resolve the matter but do so in a fashionable manner. Here are 5 reasons to pick up gold jewellery made for your everyday outfit:

#1. It’s Lightweight

Tie & Dye Tease Gold Earrings

While you’re constantly on the go and that too, with outfits tailor-made for all needs, we believe that your jewellery should have the same benefits. With that in mind, we at Melorra create light-weight fine jewellery that wouldn’t come in between your work or keep you awake when you travel. With lightweight gold earrings or bangle designs, it’s time to pair up with ease!

#2. It’s Affordable

Fun O Fern Gold Earrings

As soon as your jewellery becomes lightweight, the price drops too! That too, without compromising on the quality. Whether it is an 18k piece or a 22k one, we make sure that all our jewellery is BIS hallmarked and comes with certification for your peace of mind. With lightweight gold earrings for women with price points as low as Rs. 5000, your options are plenty and totally up-to-trend!

#3. It’s Trendy

Shades of Sand Collection

How we come up with a wide variety of designs you ask? We take inspiration from global fashion trends and translate them into your favourite pieces. (See: Feathers Storyboard) When your wardrobe gets a makeover, we believe that your fine jewellery should too. And with the ever-evolving taste, you should have options just like artificial jewellery, only, much better looking.

#4. It’s Made to Order

The Lace Remix Collection

With designs that get updated every week, you’re probably thinking how much of an inventory do we keep. Also since we have over 5000 gold designs, how are we actually doing it! To sort out your doubts here’s what we do: We 3-D Print our designs and have a zero inventory model! In layman terms, our inventory Is completely virtual and created only when you place an order with us. Say, for example, you’re looking for lightweight gold bangles with an engraving for your wife. We’ll get it done! So, whether it’s a minute colour change or customization you need, we can do it all!

#5. It’s Enamel, Gemstones, Textures & What Nots!

Yellow Tangelo Gold Ring

Gone are the days when the only thing gold jewellery had was diamonds and big chunky designs. Although enamel has been a part of our culture since forever, we’re changing its concept by adding on new colour shades. In sync with the Pantone colours. Now That’s about the trend, isn’t it? Showcasing colour variations via enamel, gemstones and certain textures through semi-precious stones, there’s just about everything in our list of innovations. Giving you over 300 lightweight gold bangle designs with price starting from Rs. 25,000, your choices are plenty. All you need to do is check them out!

Since now you know how we’re revolutionizing the gold jewellery industry, it’s time you became the part of this crowd. That too, while saving up! With a range of over 3600 designs under Rs. 30,000, fine jewellery doesn’t need to create a hole in your pocket anymore!

Think lightweight fine jewellery. Think Melorra. Check out the Melorra catalogue here!

5 Reasons to Choose Gold Jewellery for Every Day!
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5 Reasons to Choose Gold Jewellery for Every Day!
Precious jewellery has always been connoted with traditional and chunky. However, while women have moved on to a fast-paced and modern lifestyle, their jewellery has remained the same. And its time to change that, isn’t it?
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