5 Reasons to Love Melorra!

From work to casual to party, Melorra has you covered on versatile gold jewellery inspired by the latest trends! Here are five reasons to bookmark Melorra as your fav jewellery brand that you can LOVE!

What’s the first thing you think when you hear the words gold jewellery? Traditional jewellery, perhaps? Jewellery that’s heavy and bulky? Designs that seem more like what your grandmother would wear or better suited for weddings and the like? Well, you’re probably not the only one to think this way. When we think gold, usually the image of temple jewellery pops into all our minds, which, although beautiful, is more or so occasion-based jewellery. But is that really all gold can offer? Well, that’s where we step in! Jewellery to women is essential. It’s a finishing touch to any look! And for many, an everyday need! So why not everyday gold jewellery? Well, if you’ve been wishing for this, then consider your wish granted! Melorra takes inspiration from the best and latest trends to give you jewellery made from, you guessed it, gold! Perfect for your everyday looks to let you channel your inner fashionista! But that’s not all. There are plenty more reasons to bookmark Melorra as your go-to jewellery brand after all! Let us give you five!

Here are 5 Reasons to LOVE Melorra!

#1 Trend Inspired Jewellery for every Fashionista!

Our jewellery is not just any jewellery, it’s trendy jewellery! Our designers create designs based on trends straight out of the runway! From Paris Fashion Week to NYFW and London, you can wear the latest and trendiest styles in gold!

Check out trend inspired collections here

Trendy melorra jewellery
The Rustic Rebel Collection
#2 Affordable Everyday Lightweight Jewellery in Gold

Traditional jewellery is downright beautiful, but it comes with many restrictions. We can’t always channel our inner Raja Kumari. So when it comes to work or casual wear, there is a need for lightweight jewellery and suited for every day. And Melorra does just about that! Our jewellery is easy to wear and fits every day, effortlessly! And guess what? It’s also super budget-friendly too!

Shop Under 20k here!

Melorra Everyday wear
The Baggy Theory Diamond Pendant
#3 Versatile Styles for every Occasion from Work to Party

Versatile jewellery? Yes, definitely! Our jewellery is based on the latest trends and is flexible for your workwear to party mode transition. Now go from acing presentations to celebrating your success with Melorra jewellery! A partayy for sure!

work to party
The Juliet Groove Gold Studs
#4 Trust Us, Because Melorra Assurance!

We are BIS Hallmarked, which means our gold and diamonds are pure, true to the word. We offer a 30-day Return as well as Lifetime Exchange at 100% gold value. What more do you need to know to trust us!

Read the Melorra Assurance here.

Colour Me Orange Gold Hoops

Well, of course, there are offers, why wouldn’t there be? We adore each and every one of our customers and love to bring a bit o’ joy! Melorra provides fabulous offers throughout the month for a fabulous shopping experience. From 500 to 2000 Off and discounts on making charges of gold, diamonds and gemstones, we got it all here! Channel your inner Cher, Carrie, Holly, Rachel, Elle and Blair effortlessly, even with a budget!

Check out Offers here.

Melorra Offers
Disco Chic Gold Necklace

Have these five reasons convinced you to make Melorra your go-to stop for gold jewellery yet? We sure hope so! If not, you can read our blog for more about us and what we do along with some increadbily helpful tips on styling, celeb style as well as trends!

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5 Reasons to Love Melorra!
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5 Reasons to Love Melorra!
Melorra has you covered on versatile gold jewellery! Here are five reasons to bookmark Melorra as your fav jewellery brand that you can LOVE!
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