7 Diwali Styling Tips to Ace Your Fashion Game #Jewellery

With the festive season hitting an all-time high, we are in the mood to bring our fashion A-game, right about now! Are you in? We’ve lined up some exclusive styling tips to help you ace your fashion game! Read on …

With the festivities all around us and all your clothing options sorted, it’s time to move to jewellery! That’s where we come in – presenting all the styling tips you’ll need for this season, and much more!

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If you’re one of those who know exactly what they want to wear but has trouble accessorizing, we hear you! We understand that picking the right jewellery can get super tricky, especially with all the festive and indo-western ensembles that you’ve picked out.

So, handpicking some of the latest trends of clothing, we’ve created a list of pairings that would aptly fit in with your occasion and with your ensemble:

1. Bright Tones or Velvet Fabrics

There’s something about festivities that makes you choose brighter tones and fabrics, flawless for the occasion! With brocade work, velvet fabrics and glitzy shades, pick up a pair of studded shoulder dusters or danglers that will keep your clothing the highlight of the evening and the gold earring as an add-on that ties it all together neatly.

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Occasion:  For that hip & happening after parties

2. The All-Black Ensemble

There’s always one outfit that Has to be an all-black one – the one shade that never lets us down, plus everyone looks great in black! So bling it up a little with our Fringe Shimmer set that will make your outfit shine more than ever. A collection inspired by the latest fashion trends, you’ll be right on point!

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Occasion: Card party, friend’s house party

3. Go Heavy on Print, Pattern & Fashion

When there are textures and prints in question that portray your femininity well, pick up accessories that are pure gold to accentuate your clothing style rather than overpowering it. With single pendant necklets or just plain gold danglers, you’ll be good to go.

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Occasion: Brunch parties

4. Let’s Keep is Chic & Simple, Shall We?

Sometimes all you need is a statement bracelet and classic boots! Plan an outfit that is contemporary in nature, whether it’s a long Anarkali or a maxi-dress. If prints, patterns and flowy garments are bringing out your celebratory side, add on a classic bracelet with a little bling that fits into your ensemble like a breeze!

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Occasion: Early morning Poojas, work gatherings OR an evening party with the folks

5. High on Neckline and Style

With Chinese collar or the Nehru collar back in fashion, we have all acquired at least a piece in this style. Create a sync with this elegant outfit this festive season, by adding on shoulder dusters or danglers in a single strand. A part of our Pleats collection, this linear pattern only requires a hand and ear combination, whether it’s a ring or a bangle to compliment your outfit. Giving the illusion of a long neck, the danglers are sure to grab attention, while the bangle adds grace to your wrist!

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Occasion: Strictly traditional affairs, and family get-togethers at home 

6. Go All Out on Fringe

What better time sparkle than the festive season? So, pick out your shiniest of outfits, and flaunt it with ease. And, for the fashionistas who want to stick to the latest trends, pick a shimmery fringe cocktail dress. As a cherry on top, finish your look with a Fringe Shimmer Dangler. Whoever said, too much bling is a bad thing, was surely lying. And, this outfit will prove just that.

Diamond Earrings diamond jewellery

Occasion: Perfect for pub hopping & late-night Diwali parties

7.  Daytime Denim with Enamel Jewellery

After all the late-night get-together and heady after parties, head out for a day in the sun for some light-hearted fun and Vitamin D in style. But, while at it, make sure your jewellery game along with your ensemble is on-point. Pick a comfy pair of denim shorts and vest, throw in a kimono style satin shrug and add that perfect amount of oomph with stacks of white enamel bangle and bracelets. It’s a win-win combination, try it to believe it!

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Occasion: Family picnics and causal shopping sprees with the friends

Now that we’ve handed you some ready-made styling style to ace your look this season, go ahead and boldly buy gold online! We’ve lined up 5 festive collections, inspired by the latest fashion trends.

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Happy Festivities to You!

7 Diwali Styling Tips to Ace Your Fashion Game #Jewellery
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7 Diwali Styling Tips to Ace Your Fashion Game #Jewellery
7 Diwali Styling Tips to Ace Your Fashion Game #Jewellery
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