8 Types of Earrings Every Woman Should Know!

how many types of earrings are there

How many times have you repeated your tried-and-worn-n-number-of-times gold stud earring with every outfit? We, women, often miss updating our gold earrings, while the rest of our ensemble gets a refresh every day! One of the best ways to amp up your look could actually be by adding a new earring type with your OOTD.

Do you know how many types of earrings are there that can actually uplift your look? Have you found the earring styles that go with your LBDs? Or the various types of earrings that work well with your officewear?

We tell you about all earring types that can make their way to your jewellery box – for every outfit and every budget! These eight types of earrings with pictures are the guide you have been looking for!

8 types of earrings in gold - Melorra Infographic
Different Types of Earrings with Names and Pictures



types of stud earrings
Stud Earrings

These are the types of small gold earrings you want for every day wear. They have a single design unit without any dangling element.

Different types of ear studs range from simple stud type earrings in gold, stud earrings with diamonds to the colourful enamel on gold stud earrings like the picture you see above. There are also various types of stud earrings in gemstones like blue topaz, lapiz and white sapphire that can add more colour to your look. If you are a pearl kind of person, simple pearl stud earrings in gold can add that classy touch to your everyday outfits. These earrings are functional and you can easily find trendy stud earring designs in gold, in your budget too – starting at Rs.5000. This is one no-fuss earring style that every woman should own.

Style Tip:

These stud type earrings work well with any look – with your denim and solid tees, your gym wear and even your blazer days.


As the name suggests, these earrings have single or multiple components dangling (usually a short dangle) and the top component is connected with either a hook or a post. Take a look at the many types of drop earrings in these pictures.

Style Tip: 

Drop earrings are the ultimate style staples for your slightly dressy days when you want to stand out but not really get all eyes on you! These are minimal, lightweight designs that you can wear to your office parties, a day out with besties or a lunch date.

When exploring drop earrings on Melorra, you can choose from so many types of pearl drop earrings, plain gold drop earrings and diamond drop earrings!


Dangle Earrings in Gold
Dangle Earrings in Gold
Shoulder Duster Dangle Earrings
Shoulder Duster Dangle Earrings

While these are similar to drops, they are longer earrings with the dangling elements! There are all types of tassel earrings, single strand long earrings, diamond encrusted dangle earrings and gemstone shoulder dusters  that are perfect for days when you want to go a little OTT.

While shoulder dusters usually brush against your shoulders, on Melorra, like all things simple and stylish, our shoulder dusters exceed more than 50 mm length but are not overtly long.

Style Tip: 

These long dangle earrings and shoulder dusters are your go-to for a clubbing night, a cocktail party or even a best friend’s bachelorette. Pair them with your bodycon dresses, gowns or a lacy off-shoulder number for a stunning effect.


A lot of women look for those ring type earrings in gold 🙂 and we say ‘just hoop it’. Hoops are large circular or oval shaped earrings that do not touch your earlobe.

So many different types of hoop earrings.. such little time to choose! The best types of hoop earrings are those that are…

  • minimal to go with your everyday wear and not look like a design from a heritage site
  • not traditional, so that they match the aesthetics of your western outfits
  • fit in your budget, so that you can buy multiple designs to refresh your look

Style Tip: 

Hoops go with everything – from your dungarees to your dresses. Pair them with your casual, formal and partywear because they will fit right in.


These are half hoops that forms a J or a C shape when seen from the side, hence the name J Type Earrings.

j type earrings
J Hoop Earrings

Melorra creates J Hoop Diamond Earrings, J Type gold earrings, gemstone and pearl earrings that are modern and minimal in 18 kt and 22 kt gold. With J Hoop earrings, it’s easy to complete your casual ensemble.

Style Tip:

These playful types of earring styles, J-Hoops are a great addition to pair with your maxi dresses and jumpsuits.


Just the type of earrings you can sleep in! Like the name suggests, these small ring type earrings hug your ears. They are smaller versions of hoops that fit snugly around your earlobe.

huggie earrings
Huggie Earrings

Huggies make a great addition for every day comfort, especially if you have multiple ear piercings. Huggie hoop earrings come in many styles – gold, diamonds, enamel on gold and gemstones. These perfect pair of earrings can easily become your every day favourite.

Style Tip:

 Pair huggie earrings with your crop tops, boat neck dresses and wrap around skirts for a casual vibe or style them with your white shirt and pin striped trouser look. Either ways, they keep your look understated.


1 earring. 2 looks! These are modular earrings in which there is a front and back design. You can wear the front part as a stud separately and add on the detachable drop earrings to it when you want a dressier look.

Front Back Earrings
Front Back Drop Earrings

With Melorra, it’s easy to pick such trendy changeable gold earrings online. Check out these detachable earrings designs.

Style Tip:

Perfect for working women who want to go from deadline to dinner! Pair the studs with your formal attire and add on the drops for an after hour party.


For a lot of women who are looking for a new type of earrings, ear cuffs make a great choice. Ear cuffs are earrings that are wrapped around the outer ear, and can usually be worn by women who don’t have an ear-piercing too. Sometimes, it can be a part of the lobe piercing.

types of ear cuffs
Ear Cuff

You may call them types of clip-on earrings but when created in gold, they offer a fine finish to your look, which costume jewellery hardly can.

Style Tip:

Complement various types of ear cuffs with your casual attire – they can be worn with a spaghetti top and a long, flowy skirt or a ruffled top and chinos too!

There are all kinds of earrings but what types of earrings to buy depends on your lifestyle, wardrobe fit and budget. 

It’s a good idea to have one of each earring style in your jewellery box to refresh your look more often. Look for minimal and modern designs of gold earrings that can go well with all your western dresses. And yes, minimal would also mean more affordable, which would make it possible for you to pick many.


18k and 22k gold | Starting @ Rs.5000

8 Types of Earrings Every Woman Should Know!
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8 Types of Earrings Every Woman Should Know!
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