Get One of These 5 Gold Earrings for Christmas! #StyleGuide

Get One of These 5 Gold Earrings for Christmas

“Fine jewellery is worth more than an accessory, it’s an expression of the extraordinary in life.” – Heirlumé   Christmas is at our doorsteps again! And who doesn’t want to look their best during such a joyful occasion, right? It can take a lot of thought to put together the best Christmas looks. Make sure that the accessories you […]

Top 5 Drop Earrings for Any Outfit #StyleTips

You have picked out the perfect outfit, thoughtfully swept your hair and makeup on point, but then you wonder, “What earrings would go with my look”? We have been through that rollercoaster ride of trying on earring after earring until we get the “right” one. There are many styles of earrings, and each serves its […]

5 Stylish Gold Earrings Sported By Celebrities

Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life  ——–Bill Cunningham Life is a rollercoaster, with its ups and downs, days and nights, smiles and tears. It ain’t all rainbows and sunshine.  So, we built ourselves fortresses that guard our treasure. The treasure trove of emotions, thoughts and dreams that we wish are […]

7 Danglers To Pair for your Zoom call!

Ever since the pandemic struck, Zoom calls have taken over. No more Monday morning hustle to work. Instead, it’s a Monday morning meeting in pajamas. Since Work-from-Home became the norm, there are now better ways to get out of Monday blues. Or should we call it Monday Zoom blues! And perhaps adding a little bit […]

10 Earring Styles for Your Workwear #styletips

While picking out earrings for casuals or party is a pretty comfortable task, pairing those with your work becomes a little tricky. What if it looks too much? What if my boss comments? And many more what-ifs… But what if, you match them perfectly? In today’s time where women are all set to embrace their […]

8 Types of Earrings Every Woman Should Know!

how many types of earrings are there

How many times have you repeated your tried-and-worn-n-number-of-times gold stud earring with every outfit? We, women, often miss updating our gold earrings, while the rest of our ensemble gets a refresh every day! One of the best ways to amp up your look could actually be by adding a new earring type with your OOTD. […]