A Gentleman’s Guide to Gifting Fine Jewellery #tips

Picking jewellery for your partner is a task that nothing has prepared you for. We know buying gifts for her is not so easy, especially with so many options available. And we’re here to simplify just that. So don’t fret!

So, we did an internal survey to create a gifting guide that has all the answers you’ve been looking for! Whether it’s a birthday gift for her or an anniversary one, when your fine jewellery options are trendy, affordable and hassle-free, it should also be an easy pick. And, we at Melorra are all about making things foolproof! *wink

We chalked down some questions from our survey, to make it an easier choice for you. Here’s what you need to know:

#1. How to select a category?

With so many categories like gold earrings, diamond rings and necklaces, there’s a lot to choose from! And let’s not forget gemstones. Whether it’s for a special occasion or say a surprise birthday gift for your wife, knowing her preference will definitely make it an easier task. However, if you’re not sure, you can pick up gold rings or earrings to keep it simple. A piece of ornament that can be worn every day and easily paired with almost anything, it’s a good choice to go with!

If she prefers neither, then bracelets or bangles are also a good option to go for. With lightweight and sleek pieces in our catalogue, we’re sure you’ll find more than a piece to pick from.

A Gentleman's Guide to Gifting Fine Jewellery
Link O Paisl Gold Earrings

#2. How do I know the ring size or the bangle size?

Getting the right size can be a bit tricky. You can either pick up one of her gold jewellery pieces to refer or use a ring measurement guide that’ll help you out. An easy-to-do process at home, it’ll be a sure shot way to pick up the right ring for her. Even if you’re looking at bangles, there’s a bangle measurement guide that can help you figure it out. So, even if it’s a planned purchase you’re thinking of, you wouldn’t go wrong with the size. Your anniversary gift for your wife just got a whole lot romantic!

And in case you’re still doubtful about your purchase, there’s a 30-day exchange and return policy to rely back on upon. At Melorra, we’re all about adding convenience to your life and with our hassle-free, no questions asked return policy, there’s nothing to worry about! So choose that piece you’ve picked out and let the worry be ours! Explore this guide and you’re all set to gift your sweetheart a piece of your heart. 💖

A Gentleman's Guide to Gifting Fine Jewellery
Jaunt Jamboree and Shell Shocks Gold Rings

#3. How much budget should I keep in mind?

If you’re checking online gifts to pick out that perfect birthday gift for your girlfriend or sister, budget brackets will help in narrowing down your choices. With brackets of under 10k, 10-20k, 20-30k etc. combined with the categories you’re looking at, your options will be plenty and shortlisted. With fewer choices, you can now concentrate on the design she’ll prefer. Here’s what you can get in these budget brackets:

Under Rs. 10k: From enamel, pearls to diamonds, the options are still plenty! In this bracket, you can choose pendants, rings and studs category that are as versatile as the women in your life. Whether you’re looking for gifts for friends or your girlfriend, for your first online gold gift these can prove to be a good buy.

Sweet Star O’ Mine Pendant

Rs. 10k – 20k: Inclusive of danglers, bracelets and even some necklaces, this category is the perfect one if you’re looking for a special gift for your sister. You can also choose to pick up two pieces in the same set or maybe 2 jewellery options!

Seal the Teal Danglers

Rs. 20k – 30k: This category is perfect for an anniversary or Valentine’s gift for your wife or even as a Mother’s day gift from your kids. With options of bangles, earrings and pretty much every category, this will give you different categories you can choose from.

Melon Maze Necklace

#4. How do I pick gold jewellery for my mother, wife, or sister?

Now different categories are preferred by different women. Maybe what your wife loved doesn’t match with what your sister prefers! To solve that dilemma here are a few jewellery designs that we’ve picked out for you:


To buy gifts for wife, pick out a piece that goes with her every day as well as occasional needs. Bring out her trendy look by matching jewellery with her clothing options. For example, if you’re looking at something lightweight to go with her work clothing, go for a pair of studs or a bracelet. Or if you’re looking for a vacation present, go for a pendant or danglers that can work for her evening wear attires. One thing is for sure, gold would always prove to be the best gift for your wife!

Hooks N Nooks Studs
Fun O Fern Studs

As per our survey, a lot of men prefer gifting their sisters on special occasions. So if you’re looking for a birthday gift for your sister, check out our range of pendant and earrings set or bangle designs that can be easily be paired from her every day to a special event!

Pearl A Loop Pendant
California Dreams Studs

A bangle or a ring are some of the most preferred categories to choose gifts for mom. A piece of jewellery that can be donned every day, add on some lightweight and easy to wear pieces into her collection!

Slice of Lace Ring
Like A Lily Bangle

If your daughter is young, you can choose to gift her charms for a bracelet. With multiple dangling additions, it can become a personalized gift for her over the years!

Pink Parade Bracelet
Gentlemen's guide to gifting
Cease Scallop Bracelet

When it comes to buying gifts for your girlfriend, the options are many! You can pick up a heart motif to show off your love for her or choose a pendant or bracelet design that can go with all day or night looks.

Gentlemen's guide to gifting gold
Club Love Pendant
Scroll of Hearts Bracelet

With all these basic points in mind, we’re sure you’ll be able to pick a jewellery style that goes with all her versatile looks and moods. And if you’re wondering about authenticity, don’t worry about that either! Because at Melorra, we’re all about making sure that buying jewellery online is a smooth process via this amazing guide. Aside from giving a 30-day return policy, we make sure that we give you all diamond and gold certifications. With BIS Hallmarked gold and SGL and IGI certified diamonds, you’re definitely ready to go.

So go ahead and pick up that jewellery piece that she’s been hinting at or surprise her with jewellery that she’ll love! In case you’re still doubtful about your choice, shortlist a few ideas and share them with her. This way, there’s no chance of second guessing!

Shop from our entire guide catalogue here!

A Gentleman's Guide to Gifting Fine Jewellery #tips
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A Gentleman's Guide to Gifting Fine Jewellery #tips
A Gentleman's Guide to Gifting Fine Jewellery #tips
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