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With so many colours reigning supreme this fashion season, the versatile category of Enamel Jewellery has become a hot favourite!

So, with enamel experiencing stardom this season, we figured it’s time we tell you all about the whole process of enamelling. Right from, how it is done, what it is, how to take care of it and more. So, read on for some enamel loving.

Flamboyant Florals Bracelet from our Vintage Floral Collection

What is Enamel Jewellery?

Any jewellery that has coloured decorative surface made using opaque and translucent glossy substance is called Enamel Jewellery.

Jewellery being made using cold enamel process

There are many types of enamel and numerous techniques used in enamelling. At Melorra, we use the Cold Enamelling process using Epoxy Resin, to ensure a perfect finish and flawless colour match, with every single piece. Most of the time, enamelling is done by hand and takes a steady hand and an acute eye for detail.

There is one more process called the Hot Enamelling process, wherein, coloured glass is powdered and applied to a gold base, it is then fired at sufficient temperature to melt and form decorative surfaces.

Freedom Fighter Ring & Necklace From The Military Collection

Why Add Enamel?

We are all about what’s current and in-trend in the global fashion arena. So, when there is a colour that starts trending big, like White or Lavender, we use enamel to include the hue in our jewellery. Our enamel colour choices are never random, they are always derived from the latest fashion season, and it’s subsequent trend.

A Sketch From Our Designer’s Moodboard

For our jewellery, we develop new colours in enamel to truly represent trends as accurately as possible. Because of this approach, we’ve been able to use some really unique enamel colours in some of our most popular collections – The White Edge Collection, The Lavender Collection, The Varsity Denim Collection and many more.

A New Take – Borderless Enamel

Traditionally, enamelling is done within a gold border. But, with our White Edge Collection from Spring-Summer’18, we innovated a new way of enamelling called the BORDERLESS ENAMEL. Wherein the gold border isn’t visible and the enamel literally flows from end to end, highlighting the colour without the visual distraction of a border.

The Golden Chevron Bangle from The White Edge Collection

As an added bonus, at Melorra, we weigh the jewellery before the enamel is filled in. So, you pay only for the gold in your jewellery, not for the enamel portion of it.

Taking Care of Your Enamel Jewellery

Enamel jewellery is perfect for everyday use. And, like any other jewellery, it requires minimal care. All you gotta do is follow the steps below for your enamel jewellery will last a lifetime.

  • If you want to prolong the life of enamel jewellery, clean it periodically, once quarterly is advisable.
  • To clean, gently wipe your enamel jewellery with a damp cloth or wet wipe. Do not soak it in soapy water.
  • Enamel jewellery is susceptible to scratches, so be a tad bit careful while wearing it. Do not subject the enamel surface to a coarse or rough surface.


The Picture Perfect Bangle from our Varsity Denim Collection

Now that you know all about enamel. Get ready to add more colour, fashion and flair to your wardrobe, every day.

Click here to check out our entire range of Enamel Jewellery.

All About Enamel Lovin' #innovativejewellery #expertstake
Article Name
All About Enamel Lovin' #innovativejewellery #expertstake
All About Enamel Lovin' #innovativejewellery #expertstake
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