Get Ready For a Tropical Fashion Upgrade! #fridayrefresh #newarrival

Who doesn’t love nature? So, amidst the chaos of our concrete jungle, get ready for some tropical vibes and beachy inspirations. Presenting a scenic holiday packed in gold – The Tropical Leaves Collection.

For a quick escape, opt for a fresh and trend-inspired addition to your wardrobe.

Tropical Leaves Collection

A Fresh Wisp from SS’18 –  Go Tropical

From your clothes, your phone cases, your bags and now on your jewellery – Leaves print has been on everything this season. This tropical trend is a wisp of fresh air, a feel-good print, a luscious motif to flaunt, and an absolutely on-trend fashion pick!

What better way than to get our green initiative ON than with a language we all know (so well!) – fashion! The global fraternity of fashion has set things in motion, and we’ve boarded that bandwagon too.

(While you’re here do check out this blog about our collection where we stand up for our only planet, our home Mother Earth!)

 Nature is the hottest trend of the day – a macro trend for 2018 and a mascot of power!

Tropical Leaves Collection

So, get ready to embrace nature and buy gold online! It’s sunny, it’s au-naturale, it’s balmy, it’s literally your happy place dressed in gold! So, go ahead – indulge in your daydreams! happy shopping to you!

Check out the entire Tropical Leaves collection here.

Get Ready For a Tropical Fashion Upgrade! #fridayrefresh #newarrival
Article Name
Get Ready For a Tropical Fashion Upgrade! #fridayrefresh #newarrival
Get Ready For a Tropical Fashion Upgrade! #fridayrefresh #newarrival
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