AW18/19: It’s the Time to Disco #trendalert #runwayrundown

A shout out to all you fashionistas out there! It’s time to deck up with some glimmer and shine. With Disco Sequin reigning runways, its time you adorn this fashion trend too. Turn into a human disco ball because fashion has added some ‘sequins’ to your not-so-sparkly wardrobe.

A Sparkly Comeback

Sequins have made a comeback as international runways were flooded with style statements of the 80’s and 90’s recently. Style seers such as Tom Ford set in the mood for glittery glam at the New York Fashion week, Stuart Vevers brought in his sequined calf-length skirts, Micheal Kors brought to the shimmery runway his twinkling ombre trousers.

Sandra Bullock on Ocean’s 8 red carpet event

London took sparkle-love to an all new level at the Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. Halpern and Ashish who are known for breaking boundaries and redefining fashion, abroad the sequin train undoubtedly. They set the stage on glimmer with their collection of sheer glittery frocks, flared sequin trousers, and silver sequin suits.

A Splash of Shine

London, Milan, New York and Paris, all witnessed sequins at its best – from bold to subtle ‘the disco fashion’ was all over.

The glitzy adornments aren’t sticking around for Christmas naffness, they have made way into streets. And, while some people need sequins and some don’t, the party season this year will even attract the sequin-averse amongst us. Everyone is sure to ‘bling it on.’!

Jennifer Lawrence at the 90th Annual Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, USA on March 4, 2018.

The designer most associated with sequins, Ashish Gupta, said, “I used to think of [using sequins] as a little bit of a revolt against blandness and boring fashion. Now, in light of everything that is happening, I find the idea of sequined slogans amazing, of saying something serious using a medium that is not usually taken that seriously.”

The Glitzier, the Better

With the ‘disco fashion’ becoming the ‘glimmer in the dark’ as most fashion seers call it, evolving fashion trends have brought in ray of shine in our lives.

Instagram @aditiraohydari (Vogue 2018)

Wondering how to Match-up to this Shimmery Trend?

Instagram @sonamkapoor

Heading for a movie? Slip on a light shimmery sequins sweater & you’ll look stylish without going OTT. If you’re heading to a party, don’t think twice to grab a complete sequins dress, keep the makeup minimal. Let your dress do the talking. And, if you are a shoe person, you know where your shine should be! Don’t you?Just to add a bit of more glam, brings you some really contemporary gold jewellery to adorn too. Buy gold online and you are sure to find the apt piece to add to your shine.

Be your own disco ball, throw that twinkle and light on the wall! Fashion is so much fun now! Shop from the latest Disco Sequins collection.

AW18/19: It’s the Time to Disco #trendalert #runwayrundown
Article Name
AW18/19: It’s the Time to Disco #trendalert #runwayrundown
AW18/19: It’s the Time to Disco #trendalert #runwayrundown
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