AW21: Just Pleat It! #TrendAlert

‘Tis the season to say yes to Pleat it up as Autumn Winter 2021 comes a’ rushing with its latest trend! Brace yourself for the Prim Pleats takeover as the crisp folds become the back to work staple!

Pleat it on

With the onset of the new season, it’s time for new trends for a fresh start. And what better way to kick in AW 2021 than with Pleats? A classic statement, Pleats have been around for decades, and now, they are back with a reinvented appeal that’s marvellous for an ideal back to work vibe!

A Pleat in History

An origin in Egypt, Pleats go back centuries in history. A symbol of luxury, Pleats would be adorned by Pharaos and Queens. Fast forward a couple of centuries, Pleats soon ended up as the source of inspiration for various designers, including Mariano Fortuny and Madame Grès. Perhaps the most iconic moment for Pleats would be the innovations by the Japanese Master Designer, Issey Miyake! Miyake’s skillfully Pleated and micro Pleated ensembles took the Parisian fashion scene by storm, soon achieving worldwide applause! It was the dawn of a new era of innovation in fashion technology with Pleats as the focus!

Pleat please
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Designer’s say Pleats Please!

Today, the Pleated trend is back as the muse for multiple designers. From Celine, Altuzarra, Dior, Phillip Lim to Bevza, Plan C, Akrisa and Victoria Beckham, the runway witnessed the swishing sway of Pleats in all its sharp glory! Celine opted to pair Pleated midi skirts in metallics and breezy fabrics with the oversized goodness of casual jackets. On the other hand, Bevza went for more body-hugging ensembles paired with breezy fabrics!

As Dior chose crisp and sharp, well-defined Pleating for ensembles in neutral colours, Altuzarra decided on vibrant prints and textures. On the other hand, Plan C seemed to have a more casual take on the trend with knits and shirts paired with knee-length pastel skirts; Victoria Beckham displayed dressy looks in bright and bold shades! For Phillip Lim and Akrisa, muted tones dominated on Pleats!

Pleating with the A-listers

Celebs sure seem to have a soft spot for this sharp-edged trend this season! From metallics to chiffons, prints and solid colours, Pleats have the stamp of approval from the A-listers! Nicole Kidman was a sight for sore eyes in a vermillion Pleated cinched dress. In a similar fiery shade, Reese Witherspoon stunned in a Red halter neck knife-pleated dress at the Oscar’s Red Carpet this year. Talk of red carpets, Cannes saw actresses Virginie Efira and Huang Miyi glam it up in Dior gowns, sleek in Pleats!

On the other hand, the casual way with pleats spoke to Alexandra Daddario, who looked snug as a bug in a sweater and skirt combo. B-Town, too had a rendezvous with the fashionable folds. Parineeti Chopra looked Autumn ready in an oversized sweater on a navy knife-pleated skirt. On the other hand, Esha Gupta seemed sharp, pairing a yellow micro pleated skirt with a sleek blazer! Not to mention all eyes were on Masoom Minawala at Cannes in her wispy Pleated dress in serene white!

The Prim Pleat Collection

It’s safe to say that Pleats are here to stay this season. From fluid fabrics to metallics, this trend is all about that versatility! Inspired by this fluidity of pleats, we’ve created a range in gold and diamonds that translates the motion and movement of each Pleat. Creating jewellery that’s perfect for pairing up with sleek back to office looks!

The Prim Pleats Collection Moodboard
Designer’s Quote:

It’s time to say Pleats Please! This Autumn-Winter 2021, it’s a parade of pleats! From sharp knife pleats to crisp box pleats and precise inverted pleats, get ready to fold into this latest trend with this season’s new arrival. Inspired by the motion and fluidity in this cutting edge trend, we’ve created a range in gold & diamonds with elevated structures for a seamless back to work transition!

Check out some popular pieces from the collection:
Fan Of Pleats Gold Bracelet
Work It Versatile Diamond Necklace
Parade O Pleats Gold Drops
Majestic Folds Diamond Pendant
Fan The Drama Gold Ring
Effortless Swerve Diamond Studs

So as you get ready to get back to work, add a hint of gold and diamonds to your look and brighten up any ensemble! Check out the jewellery from the collection for some sharp inspiration on edgy back to work fashion and pleat up!

Explore the entire Prim Pleats Collection here!

AW21: Just Pleat It! #TrendAlert
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AW21: Just Pleat It! #TrendAlert
‘Tis the season to say yes to Pleat it up as Autumn Winter 2021 comes a’ rushing with its latest trend! Brace yourself for the Prim Pleats takeover as the crisp folds become the back to work staple!
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