How to Style Our Diamond Bubble Collection with Your Everyday Outfits? Find Out! #TrendAlert

Fashion is a playground up until a certain age. But then you have to find your own signature and your own style.” – Nicolas Ghesquière

The bubble-yum fashion trend is all about embracing a fun and playful side of fashion. Voluminous shapes, curvy silhouettes, and playful colours reminiscent of the iconic bubble gum characterise this trend.


Bubble Yum fashion can be incorporated into everyday wear and statement pieces. The trend allows people to express their creativity and individuality, adding a sense of playfulness and lightheartedness to fashion. Inspired by the dynamic and jovial trend Melorra has created The Diamond Bubble Collection in gold and diamonds to pop up in this unique take on bubble hemlines and embrace the world of fantasy! 


The Bubble Yum fashion trend invokes a sense of freshness and excitement in the fashion world, bringing a sense of joy and happiness to fashion lovers.

Designer’s Exhibit- Bubble Yum Fashion Takes Center Stage on Runways

The trend has taken over runways and street styles, with designers and fashionistas experimenting with bubble-like shapes and designs. Spring/Summer 2023 is all about making waves on the runways! 


Designers are experimenting with bold, playful shapes and incorporating them into their designs. The trend has overtaken the fashion world, from voluminous sleeves to oversized statement accessories. Its bright and bubbly aesthetic is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any outfit. With its fun and playful appeal, the bubble yum trend is set to continue inspiring designers on the runway. 


Fashion brands such as Molly Goddard, JW Anderson, CONG TRI, Ulla Johnson, and Cecilie Bahnsen embraced the bubble fashion trend with a chic and urbane twist on the runway. On the other hand, Khaite and Proenza chose a minimalistic approach to the bubble hem, showcasing its versatility and adaptability to different fashion styles.

 About The Diamond Bubble Collection

Indulge in the joyful essence of bubble-inspired outfits this summer with our Diamond and Gold jewellery collection that adds a refined and elegant touch to your looks. 


Elevate your style with this fresh, distinctive take on bubble hems and embrace the fantasy world! When it comes to fashion, there’s nothing more energising than experimenting with something new and distinctive than the Diamond Bubble Collection


Let’s take a look at the different jewellery from this new collection:






Flouncy Bliss Bangle


The playful and effervescent bubble trend inspires this exquisite diamond bangle! With its fluid curves and sparkling diamonds, this bangle adds a touch of elegance to your bubbly style. 


Pair it with your favourite bubble hemline dresses and skirts for an added dose of glamour!






Dramatic Bounce Ring


The playful and feminine Bubble Yum trend inspires this gold ring. Its unique bubble design adds a touch of whimsy to your finger, perfect for adding a fun twist to your outfits. 


Style it with a flowy sundress or a casual T-shirt and jeans for an effortless yet chic look.







Bountiful Bubble Earrings


These earrings feature a unique bubble design that adds a playful touch to any outfit. Pair them with a monochrome outfit to make a statement, or wear them with a fun pattern to add texture. 


Remove your hair in a sleek ponytail to show off these statement earrings.






Opulent Ruffle Bracelet


The fluid lines and sparkling diamonds bring joy to any outfit. Pair it with a flowy dress or a crisp white shirt for an elegant and fun look. 


Wear it solo or stack it with other bracelets to create your unique style statement.






Puffy Trail Pendant


Its bubbly and fun design will add exuberance to any outfit. Style it with a simple chain for an understated look, or layer it with other pieces for a more statement-worthy vibe. 


The pendant pairs perfectly with casual outfits and can be dressed up for a night out. Get ready to embrace the bubble trend with this gorgeous piece!






Bold Flounce Necklace


This diamond necklace is an ideal accessory to elevate any outfit with its unique design inspired by the bubble trend. 


This necklace features a delicate chain and a stunning diamond pendant in the shape of a bubble, adding a touch of elegance to your look. Layer it with other delicate necklaces for a trendy look.

Celebs Go Crazy In Bubble Hemlines

Celebs like Selena Gomez, Britt Lower, Niecy Nash, Chloe Flower, and Lily James have experimented with the bubble yum trend and created fresh and unique looks. 


Celebs are embracing the fun and playful fashion trend. The trend has crept onto red carpets, street style, and music videos. With its bold shapes and vibrant colours, this jewellery is the perfect way to embrace this trend and add fun to your wardrobe.

Our Diamond Bubble Collection flawlessly complements your bubble hem style apparel, adding a touch of sass, femininity, and chicness to your minimalistic look.

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