It’s Time to Party Loud with our Diamond Colour Pop Collection! #TrendAlert

“Fashion is more art than art is.”- Andy Warhol 

Since the styling and selection of prints are subjective, loud prints are a fashion trend that will likely remain. They have always dominated runways, whether inspired by floral, abstract, or psychedelic patterns.  The fashion firms showcased colourful prints in spring /summer. This season’s Melorra’s new launch, The Diamond Colour Pop Collection, is a fusion of numerous prints, resulting in a playful, expressive, and vibrant selection of jewellery.


The time has come to create a fashion statement by standing out with distinctive, eye-catching patterns, brilliant colours, block prints, and bold designs. Let your print style speak to add a hint of vibrancy and spice to your clothing!

Spiced Up Runways- Designer’s Exhibit

Prints have been in the fashion talks for a long time, but this season’s loud prints are the cherry on top. This maximalist trend is also about matching accessories to the overall outfit.  


From mismatched prints and kitschy patterns to psychedelic prints and maximalist patterns, from classic black and white stripes to electric neons and cobalt blues, from coloured zebra stripes to simplified social statement graphics, the international runways of Spring/Summer 2023 displayed various trendy colour and print combinations.

About The Diamond Colour Pop Collection

We created a jewellery collection in Gold & Diamond with a vivid color play of Enamel in Prussian Blue, Cyan Blue, Red, Orange, and Hot Pink about such a lively, loud print fashion trend. The Diamond Colour Pop Collection is created to stand out, speaking with playfulness & extravagance.

Here are some jewellery pieces from our latest collection.






Summer Charm Earrings


These pair of earrings with psychedelic and floral inspiration have an elegant design. Pair this lovely piece with a light floral print dress for a brunch look. 


Even the most basic casual outfits can be spiced up with these gorgeous diamond hoops. To draw attention from everyone in the area, wear these with denim.






Spring Fling Pendant


This versatile piece can look good with any printed top with a low neckline. These can sort your style for a movie date! 


Are you going on a fun outing with your girlfriends? If you want to turn heads when you step outside, wear this stunning pendant with a slip dress or a sheer top.








Pink Edged Necklace


Add this charmer to your printed long dress for an evening party look. With this stunning diamond necklace, you can elevate party clothing to a new level. 


Watch the magic unfold by wearing it with a deep-neck sundress or a basic spaghetti-strap top.







Summer Breeze Ring


Wear this ring with your co-ords resort outfit for a chilled-yet-vibrant look. This exquisite ring, which exudes beauty and charm, is what you need to upgrade your party looks. 


Combine it with your eye-catching candy-coloured attire to create a stunning harmony of elegance and vitality.








Summer Gleam Bracelet


Inspired by abstract loud print motifs is a perfect blend of sophistication and expression. 


You may pair it with your printed co-ords of trousers and a crop top for an evening with friends!

Cyan & Red Bangle

For a flawless look, wear it with your geometric print midi. Want to add flair and personality to your look? 


Whether you’re wearing contemporary denim dungarees or funky T-shirts for a party, this bangle is the ideal accessory.

Celebs Flaunting Loud Prints

Celebs like Bella Hadid, Beyonce, Malaika Arora, Bhumi Pednekar, and Alia Bhatt flaunt their vibrantly printed outfits loud and proud!

Always opt for clothing that is proportional to your body and emphasises your finest features. Allow the jewellery to serve as the wonderful focal point.


Why wait? Include these vibrant designs in your summer wardrobe! 


Check out our latest collections, and don’t forget to tell us which collection appeals to you and is dear to your heart.

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