Love Diamonds? Flaunt Them Everyday #fridayrefresh

YES! we do launch 6 designs every single day! Not just that, each of these designs are inspired exclusively by the latest fashion trends.

For example: if fringe is in trend, you’ll find it in our jewellery. If lavender is a part of our mass, you will find an entire collection dedicated to that trend!

So, with Melorra, the funda is simple –  stay fashionable and real without shelling out the big bucks!

The trend story of our #fridayrefresh aka our latest line of jewellery revolves around this very philosophy. Presenting to you – The Dainty Diamonds collection! It’s real, it’s fashionable, and it’s abso-fab-lutely affordable. If you are under the impression that diamonds are way too expensive and not fit for every day wear, then you gotta check this collection out! You’ll be pleasantly surprised, we promise!

Here’s a little preview, just for you!

Love Diamonds? Flaunt Them Everyday #fridayrefresh
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Love Diamonds? Flaunt Them Everyday #fridayrefresh
Love Diamonds? Flaunt Them Everyday #fridayrefresh
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