Melorra’s Jewellery Collection for Men is Here! #MelorraForMen


“Dressing well is a form of good manners” – Tom Ford 


As generations pass by, we see archaic thoughts, beliefs and ideas being shattered one after the other. While the baby boomers fought for gender equality, the millennials set their sight on the rainbow. The latest to the party, the Genzers seem to take on gender neutrality, fluidity and the humans first notion.


It goes without saying that some of the most popular fashion trends are often brought on by a movement for social reform. Whether that has been the women’s right movement or gaypride, these social changes have caused a wavering impact on the fashion world.

This time around the conversations of gender fluidity, and the blurring lines of masculinity and femininity brings towards a fashion statement for men. 


And Melorra is here to take that conversation forward with fine jewellery exclusively for men for the very first time! 


Melorra for Men is all about styling gold jewellery flawlessly with your everyday outfits. This may seem like a daunting task, especially if you are new to the trend. Fret not, we’re here with a range of men’s jewellery that is easy on the eyes and on your pockets too. Designs that flawlessly pair with your everyday outfits to elevate your style quotient.


Men In Gold 

Men in gold were once a symbol of affluence and power in pre-independence India. For good reason that culture failed to catch up with a free nation. It was later restricted to ghetto gold among rappers or as traditional jewellery on north Indian grooms. 
But once again bling is in, for one and for all. There is revolution on the go, and this time men are playing the field.
We say right on! Why should only girls have all the fun in gold jewellery?! Fine jewellery for men captures the pulse of the changing times.

Men In Style

Style is a form of self expression, and jewellery is one way to showcase your personal style. We’ve carefully crafted a range of gold jewellery that is apt for daily wear. Whether you like to keep it casual or suit up, we have something for everyone. 
Our collection is designed keeping in mind ease of wear, style and relevance to the current day. 
Whether you are a lazy shopper or the dapper don, the right piece of jewellery can take your look and ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ in a matter of minutes.
Here are some style tips on how to embrace fine jewellery in your daily ensemble.

The Minimalist Jewellery

If you are new to the jewellery game, rings are the easiest way to join the golden tribe. Go for a simple band, signet ring or stacked rings depending on your comfort and personal style. From denims to suits to kurtas, rings blend easily with all kinds of outfits. 


Traveller Gold Bracelet – Brace up!

Traveller Gold Bracelet – Brace up!

Watches are a cool accessory for sure, but give your style an upgrade with bracelets. Choose a type that matches your style mantra. Metal bracelets such as gold, silver or platinum adds the right amount of bling to your daily wear. Experiment with layering or play with a mix of metal to find your footing. Go for simple designs with formal wear, but go all out when it’s time to play.

Mr Locke Pendant – Charm away in Pendants

There’s more to men’s jewellery than just dog tags and dollar pendants. And weddings aren’t the only day Indian men can wear a pendant.


Simple pendants pair great with casual wear, indian or western. Get the quintessential boy-next-door look in them. But if you like to stand out, go for layered chains and pendants. A great way to party in style.

Mr Locke Pendant – Charm away in Pendants

Rare Find Stud – Classy and Studded

Rare Find Stud – Classy and Studded

Piercings have been mainstream for a while now. And if you are one who has jumped on that bandwagon, then it’s time to make hay, because the sun could not be shining any brighter. Take the gilded route to dapper town.

Don’t fear away from a little bling every now and then. A few pieces of jewellery can give new life to your wardrobe. So walk with the times and transform even your most basic outfits into trendy, stylish ones.

These jewellery pieces are like magic, it casts a spell on eyes that fall upon them. Captivate all with lightweight fine jewellery for men
Check out the entire Men’s Collection Now!

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