Pick of the Week: The Bestseller Jewellery of AW 2018/19!

Gearing up for the Spring Summer collections, we’re looking at the runways of the world for some inspiration. With new ideas, concepts and yes, fashion, there’s going to be a whole new range of fine jewellery that you can’t say no to!

However, before we step up our game for the next season, we’re also looking back to know what you loved! We’re making sure that we give you the best of the best (of the trends and otherwise) in our new season. From fringes, bold colours to prints of all kinds, the Autumn Winter 2018/19 certainly didn’t disappoint. And neither did your response! After all, it’s also about flaunting your style and our AW 2018/19 had a gold piece for everyone.

The Gist of AW 2018/19

For those of you, who still don’t know what they missed, we’ll help you out. In a gist, the Autumn Winter 2018/19 was all about women empowerment and created archetypes for the fashion leaders to represent. With macro trends that influenced the colour, silhouettes, textures etc. the season had a bit of everything. From neon colours to multi-prints, the classic sequins to animal textures, one thing was clear. Women were going to be at the centre of attention and taking over the ramps, like never before.

Translating the fashion connoisseurs for our jewellery lines, we developed a range of fine gold and diamond trinkets to represent the women of the world. Reflecting the trends of the AW ramps, from being bold to feminine, sophisticated to statement looks, there were splashes of colour, textures and bling all across our storyboards!

For this week’s Pick of the Week, we’re sharing the fine jewellery pieces that you choose to style yourself with! Selecting 10 best sellers from our AW collections, here’s what you (and us) loved at first sight!

#1. The Sparkle Startle Gold Necklace from our Disco Sequins Collection

gold jewellery melorra.com gold necklace

#2. The Tiger Point Gemstone Danglers from our Animal Print Collection

gemstone jewellery gold earrings gemstone danglers

#3. The Saga de Corsage Enamel Studs from our Flower Bouquet Collection

enamel earrings gold earrings gold studs melorra.com

#4. The Chain Domain Gold Pendant from our Scarf Print Collection

gold jewellery

#5. The Wild Blue Yonder Gemstone Ring from our Denim-on-Denim Collection

gold ring gemstone ring gold jewellery gemstone jewellery

#6. The Zig N Zag Gold Bangle from our Knife Pleats Collection

gold bangles gold jewellery enamel jewellery enamel bangle

#7. The Tangy Angie Enamel Studs from our Fluo Neon Collection

gold jewellery enamel jewellery enamel studs

#8. The Looped Fringe Diamond Bracelet from our Fringe Shimmer Collection

diamond bracelet diamond jewellery

#9. The Twill Drill Gold Ring from our Tweed Collection

gold jewellery

#10. The Butterfly Knots Gold Necklace from our Bow Collection

gold jewellery

We loved your response for these fab trendy jewellery and can’t wait to share what we’ve been brewing! So, in case you missed out on your winter accessories, it’s still not too late! Pick a piece that you want to gift yourself or share it with your loved one! We’re sure there’s a piece that you’ll cherish! 

Check out our Autumn Winter 2018/19 Collections here!

Pick of the Week: The Bestseller Jewellery of AW 2018/19!
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Pick of the Week: The Bestseller Jewellery of AW 2018/19!
Pick of the Week: The Bestseller Jewellery of AW 2018/19!
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