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Occasion for Buying Gold = Just Like That

As the YOLO generation of women, we absolutely love our Netflix, Coffee and Random Conversations. We also prefer renting to buying – be it a home or a car for long-distance travel. And, the way we want our gold jewellery is also changing – no longer boring, but a lot more fun! No longer for a festive occasion, but just like that, whenever we feel like it! Where our grandmoms and moms considered gold as a heavy-duty investment, we are a lot more cool about it, looking for designs and practicality, instead of indulging in serious decision-making. Isn’t our kinda gold non-flashy, non-expensive and for everyday wear? Whereas our earlier generation bought traditional pieces that would work as future savings, keeping that gold tucked away under lock and key. After all, who needs an occasion to wear gold? ” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3ybli11kLs From important life occasions to casual lifestyle events, the story…