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Melorra is Moving!!! Fashion Has a New Address

We heard you! We couldn’t agree more that fashion destinations should be super fab! So, sticking to that rule – we decided to move! And, here we are, at a uber-chic new location, a new address and a whole lot of inspiration! Folks, this is where all the fashion, fine jewellery and fabulous conversation kicks off its journey towards you! So, take a sneak peek! It is still ‘work in progress’, as is fashion! We’d love to hear more ideas from you!  So, YOU ARE INVITED! hope you are loving it so far, we sure are! Come join us for a cuppa or a bubbly & let’s talk fashion, jewellery and all things YOU! Show us some love and we promise to bring to you some uber fab-tastic Fashion-fine jewellery combos, all yeat long, always

Let’s Start The Green Conversation! #trendalert

Reality Check – There is a crisis. Global warming, extinction, pollution, deforestation, carbon footprint and many such depressing downfalls. But, as the young, proactive and trendy citizens of fashion, we have started a dialogue of change! What better way than to get our green initiative than with a language we all know – fashion! The global fraternity of fashion has set things in motion, and we’ve boarded that bandwagon too.  Nature is the hottest trend of the day – a macro trend for 2018 and a mascot of power! Green is everywhere. And, leaf print and animal motifs – in everything. From mobile case prints, photo frames, fashion accessories, home décor to your wardrobe. Zimmermann Fall Winter 2018 fashion show during New York Fashion Week Paradise in a pattern Leaf print in all its variation is a wisp of fresh air, a feel-good print, a luscious motif to flaunt. Leaves…