Let’s Start The Green Conversation! #trendalert

Reality Check – There is a crisis. Global warming, extinction, pollution, deforestation, carbon footprint and many such depressing downfalls. But, as the young, proactive and trendy citizens of fashion, we have started a dialogue of change!


Anna Sui Fall Winter 2018 fashion show during New York Fashion Week


Rachel Zoe Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear

What better way than to get our green initiative than with a language we all know – fashion! The global fraternity of fashion has set things in motion, and we’ve boarded that bandwagon too.

 Nature is the hottest trend of the day – a macro trend for 2018 and a mascot of power!

Green is everywhere. And, leaf print and animal motifs – in everything. From mobile case prints, photo frames, fashion accessories, home décor to your wardrobe.

080 Barcelona Fashion runway Fall/Winter 2019

Zimmermann Fall Winter 2018 fashion show during New York Fashion Week

Paradise in a pattern

Leaf print in all its variation is a wisp of fresh air, a feel-good print, a luscious motif to flaunt.

Leaves print is everywhere! If you are looking for a quick getaway, without actually going away – this print will do just that for you.

Photo Credit: Instagram @theshilpashetty

Print with a message

Embrace nature and go green without compromising on fashion – a win-win situation. Combat the harsh urban lifestyle by wearing your own green message.

The new green – GOLD!

So, you’ve bought the tropical prints, you’ve shared those green messages on your socials handles, you have even set your balcony garden, what more now? – CLICK ON THE IMAGES BELOW TO SHOP!

How about some tropical inspiration that will last forever? – yeah, you gotta check it out!

Let's Start The Green Conversation! #trendalert
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Let's Start The Green Conversation! #trendalert
Let's Start The Green Conversation! #trendalert
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