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Our New Fashion Muse: Zendaya #Styling

Fashion is an instant language. And when you know how to speak one in style – that’s sassy! Wanna know whose language we are reading these days? Read on to get enamoured by our fashion muse of the month. Who is your fashion inspiration? Where does your fashion inspiration come from? If you’re a high-on-fashion person, these are the questions that probably come to your mind or becomes a hot topic of discussion between your peeps. Who’s that person everyone is following nowadays that resonates with your style, and moreover, is on top of the trend game! Here we would like to draw attention towards our fashion muse. This millennial can set standards really high, whether it’s a cool trend or about being sizzling hot!  Charm Of The Muse! Annnnddddd our this month’s styling inspiration is….. The “Euphoria” star Zendaya Coleman!  At the young age of 24, Zendaya has…