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Rule The Summer as Yellow Fashion Takes Over!

Summer is here! The glum is gone, sunny rays and happy faces are all around. Fashion has duly taken cue too. After millennial pink, the latest colour trend to have a massive presence: Gen Z Yellow! Leanne Marshall Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 Pop goes ‘Yellow’ Taking its prestigious place next to the massive colour trends of the year, yellow is going to be everywhere. Global fashion brands are on-board and have let the colour paint their latest collections. And, celebs have gone all out given this bright hue their seal of approval. And… It is all yellow! For the fashion shy or the bright hues naysayer, please hold on a little before you close this window! This season’s colour is a welcome combination of mustard yellow and gold, a combination that works on every skin tone. So, if you are looking for an instant…