Top 5 Gold Rings For Today’s Men! #MelorraForMen


You don’t find a style, A style finds you”

Keith Richards

Historically men wore rings as symbols of authority, power and wealth. Monarchs and Aristocrats often signed off on letters and official documents with their gold engraved rings. Up until WWII, men’s jewellery, especially gold rings, were wildly popular. After a lull of a few decades, rings have made a comeback, all thanks to the 90’s fashion trend.

This time around, they are a fashion statement more than anything else, as rings have become the quintessential men’s accessory.

At Melorra, choose from a range of gold rings for men that are comfortable, affordable and inspired from the recent trends.

Gold Rings for Every Man

Traditionally signet rings represent association to a particular family, group or even royalty. Marked with engraving, a broad center and slim bands encircling the fingers, these were often reserved for men of high society. 


However with changing times, such rings have been democratized and even updated. Now the engraving could take the form of clustered precious stones, or single chunky gemstones. 

The Dude Diamond Ring for Men is a perfect example of the modern take on signet rings. Perfect for special occasions, or as a best gift for your man.

Wedding bands aren’t the only bands that a man should wear in his life. White gold rings are a cool, casual, and an easy way to style a variety of your outfits.

Maybe you love a sporty look with tracks and hoodie, or maybe you are the relaxed, shorts & linen shirt kinda person. No matter what your style, these wedding bands will match your outfit. Sport one, sport multiple or pick up something a little edgy like the Nothing But Shine Gold Ring for Men from Melorra.

For those special days at work, or formal events, you need a little more than your average gold bands and a little less drama than the chunky gemstone rings. Frosted bands or diamond studded bands are a great choice for such occasions. Classy and elegant, they are the perfect kinda ‘dressy’ for a mellow yet dapper look.


Find Your Way Gold Ring For Men is one such gem from our latest men’s jewellery collection.

The best thing about classics is that they never go out of style. Classic jewellery pieces are often too precious to just let go and are commonly passed on as family heirlooms.


When speaking of gold rings, the classic gold band cannot be ignored. If you are new to fine jewellery, this is definitely your stepping stone to the world of men’s gold accessories. They are versatile enough to be an everyday ring yet have the potential to add bling to your special occasion when clubbed with other jewellery. Style the Classic Gentleman Gold Ring for Men with your favorite party wear, throw on a gold watch and just rock the night away!

Most people shy away from mixed metal accessories thinking it may look tacky. But if styled well, mixed metal jewellery can make you stand apart from the rest. If you are upto the challenge, accessorize your casual outfit with a silver and gold mixed layered pendant, mixed metal watch, and the Way You Want Gold Rings for Men.

Style Mantra for Men’s Ring

While sporting rings you might want to keep in mind a few things that help you carry them better. Some ground rules to get the basics right.


Creating The Right Balance 

When you pick a ring, be sure to pick the one that suit your size. If you have broad hands, bigger rings should be your first choice. Thick bands may look awkward and clumsy. Those with smaller hands can go for a slimmer version of the ring.
Style Balance

It is important to balance your jewellery everytime. If you choose to wear rings on only one hand, then wear your watch/bracelet on the other. Also while wearing multiple rings, spread them across both hands rather than just one. Lastly, try and match the ring to the colour of other jewellery as well. 
Confidence That Speaks your Style

Wear whatever you are wearing with complete confidence. Avoid anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. There is more charm in confidence than anything else.
So there you have it, five most basic rings that you can own to elevate your style quotient.
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