A Red Tale of Hearts and Romance #TheValentineCollection

A Red Tale of Hearts and Romance #TheValentineCollection

Valentine’s Day is a month away, and we are ready! Explore The Valentine Collection that takes AW23’s hottest trends with a twist of hearts for a romantic collection to love!

The season of love is fast approaching. As Valentines day is a month away, we’re already feeling lovesick! And to celebrate, why not indulge in some love dipped in gold and diamonds? Make Valentines this year a trendy affair with stylishly chic jewels that are also full of love.


From a zipped romance to a knitted love to a fairytale affair that burns RED hot, we’ve taken four of our OG collections from AW21 and given it a valentine twist! And today, while last week we got a glimpse of two of them, this week, we finally get to take a look at the other two. So prepare for a fairytale love affair that paints us a romantic Red!

A Red Fairytale to Love

The shade red was all over the runway this season. From Dior to Balmain, every designer in town was painting the runway a bold shade of scarlet. Even the celebs were all in on this ruby-tastic trend. From Deepika Padukone to Lily Collins, the A-listers were all about Red.


The grace of fairytale was floating about, building up the perfect storybook romance. And even on the runway, it was a cinderella story as well. From Victor & Rolf to Naeem Khan, the romance of fairytales was captured like a charm by designers. Stars like Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish were like a floating dream channelling some major fairytale looks as well. 


The Valentine Collection

Love another, love yourself! This Valentine’s season, celebrate yourself with our Valentine Collection. Inspired by the trends of once upon a time tales, the romantic Red, the sweater weather and the zip trip, we’ve created a range of gold, diamonds and red garnet. Blending this collection with heart motifs, we’ve created a range that complements all your edgy to fairy-tale looks of the love season.

Explore Some Pieces from The Collection

Explore the passion of Red with the twist of red pyrope gemstone and heart motifs for a showstopper look this V-day. Or create your own fairytale with jewellery that brings magic to life! Browse through the entire collection and be Valentine ready.

Explore the collection here!

A Red Tale of Hearts and Romance #TheHeartsCollection
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A Red Tale of Hearts and Romance #TheHeartsCollection
Valentines is a month away, and we are ready! Explore The Hearts Collection that takes AW21’s hottest trends with a twist of hearts for a romantic collection to love!
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