10 Dreamy Diamonds & How To Pair Them Up! #styling

When we think of diamonds, our first thought is of solitaires, proposals – In short, everything romantic. And when a diamond can make Audrey Hepburn drool over a window display, we’re only mere mortals to stop and stare!

Diamonds have been a part of our special occasions since forever, but why are we so selective after all? Whenever we think of diamonds we think of chunky jewellery and bright and shiny pieces that don’t blend in with our everyday clothing. But what if we say that, That’s no longer the case? ‘Cause we at Melorra are surely changing that perception! Making diamonds handy, inexpensive and a part of your casuals as well, it’s the new era for diamonds.

A Diamond a Day Keeps the Blues Away!

With clothing choices varying as per the events around the week, jewellery becomes the accessory that makes all the difference. From impromptu parties to clear the mid-week blues, new client meetings at work to those TGIF gathering and brunch plans – There’s a lot to accomplish during the week! So when there are plans to deal with no matter the time of the week – why shouldn’t diamonds be a part of all your ruses?

Coming up with some sleek, minimal and everyday pieces for you, we’re talking about diamonds that can easily become a part of any attire and all your moods. Whether it is a work day or a denim-on-denim pairing for an evening with your gals, here’s what we have in store for you:

#1. The Sun Stripes Diamond Bracelet that will be the perfect addition to your cami – shrug summer combo or even your sequined evening wear attire.

diamond jewellery

#2. The Doting Bows Diamond Studs that can be paired up with your boat neck tops and dresses – no matter the colour!

diamond earrings diamond jewellery

#3. The Curvy Cross Diamond Ring that will work with all Blacks. Collared or Non-Collared.

#4. the Sparking Strands Diamond Danglers that can easily be paired with your boots! From dresses to denim – It’s good to go for all

diamond jewellery diamond earrings

#5. The Spangle Triangle Diamond Pendant that can be a part of your V-necks with ease – Whether a brunch outing or even a work meeting.

diamond jewellery

#6. The Sunny Shine Diamond Ring ’cause when in doubt – Go with rings!

diamond jewellery gold jewellery

#7. The Atomic Girl Diamond Bangle that goes with contemporary outfits like nothing else!

diamond jewellery gold jewellery

#8. The Dingle Dangle Diamond Necklace that you can pair with your denim-belles pairing and even your square-neck tops – No matter a print or solid.

diamond jewellery gold jewellery

#9. The Hearts on Pleats Diamond Studs that will work well with your printed dresses – ruffled and crop tops!

diamond jewellery gold jewellery

#10. The Topsy Curvy Diamond Cuffs that can become your go-to accessory piece.

diamond jewellery gold jewellery

So while you’re planning your outfit for the next event, pick up the accessory that you’d pair it up with and you’ll be set for the night (or day)! After all, a good mash-up is the key to nailing a good ensemble! 

Check out our diamond collection here!

10 Dreamy Diamonds & How To Pair Them Up! #styling
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10 Dreamy Diamonds & How To Pair Them Up! #styling
10 Dreamy Diamonds & How To Pair Them Up! #styling
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