15 Gold Jewellery Pieces in Technicolour! #Musthaves

enamel earrings enamel necklace

Gold has been a part of our collections since forever. Ancestral, occasion-based or gifts, there’s been a piece for everything important. However, we believe that gold Should also be a part of your everyday life. And that too, in colour!

Keeping in mind your busy lifestyle and the different agendas of your day, we at Melorra create gold jewellery designs, that justify Just that. Making gold light-weight and updated as per the latest fashion trends, we believe in keeping you up-to-date with your fine jewellery collection too. Inspired by the global ramps and runways of the world, we’re all about the Fashion world – And blending it with gold, diamonds and gemstones.

Say there’s a colour trend for the season. For example, Lavender, which was a Pantone colour trend 2018 (a hue picked from UltraViolet). Taking the challenge up, we created a whole range of Lavender colour enamel jewellery that would have blended perfectly with your Ultraviolet wardrobe! Now isn’t That the cherry on top?

Making gold our base, we reckon that there should be more colour to it! In a world of techno, electronic and psychedelic, (clothes and music both), why should your precious jewellery be left behind!? Hence, making your jewellery technicolour with shades of gold, enamel and gemstones, we’re all about adding that pop of colour to your ornaments. After all, your jewellery talks just like your clothes do.

Picking out some of our most colourful pieces, we’re adding shades of you and your mood to your jewellery. So, pick out the colour that best suits you and dress it up with muted tones or create a contrast that you’ve been meaning to experiment in!

#1. The Polygon Ruse White Enamel Necklace to start off your collection with

enamel jewellery gold jewellery

#2. The Pied Viper Aragonite Stone Danglers for a bold fearless look!

gold jewellery gold earrings

#3. The Twilight Saga Black Agate stone Bracelet to show off your unique style

gemstone jewellery gold jewellery gold bracelet

#4. The Seal the Teal Enamel Earrings to add that contrast colour block to your blacks and golds!

gold jewellery enamel jewellery

#5. The Violet Vision Lavender Necklace to add that flow of colour to your pastel dresses

gold jewellery gold necklace

#6. The Double Dealing Gold Bracelet that adds a little more colour and chic to your gold piece!

gold jewellery

#7. The La Flor Enamel Necklace and Studs because floral prints need floral jewellery too – In colour!

enamel necklace enamel earring

#8. The Black Panther Gemstone Ring to show-off your bold and dramatic style

gold jewellery gemstone jewellery gemstone ring

#9. The Pearl-fection Studs for those formal dress-ups for work and luncheons.

pearl jewellery gold jewellery

#10. The Pastel Sundae Gemstone Danglers to add a pop of colour to your basics!

gemstone jewellery gold jewellery

#11. The Scarlet Heart Enamel Studs that’ll match with your lace or textured dresses.

gold jewellery enamel jewellery gold earrings

#12. The Sangria Twirl Burgundy Gemstone Earrings for those wine date nights with yourself or your S-O.

gold jewellery gemstone jewellery

#13. The Neon Dab Enamel Necklace and Lime N Lemon Danglers for a shade that’ll be perfect for your summer accessory!

enamel earrings enamel necklace

#14. The Wild Blue Yonder Gemstone Danglers and Ring because there should Always be something for your denim pairings.

gold jewellery gemstone danglers gemstone ring

#15. The Unbox Code White Enamel Bracelet that can complement those white shrugs and dresses too!

enamel jewellery gold jewellery

So pick not just clothing, but also jewellery of your favourite colour. Pair it up in your bold and eccentric style or go minimal with your printed pieces, the choice is all yours. With numerous colour options, gold surely doesn’t need to be considered boring!

Check out our gold collection with a twist here!

15 Gold Jewellery Pieces in Technicolour! #Musthaves
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15 Gold Jewellery Pieces in Technicolour! #Musthaves
15 Gold Jewellery Pieces in Technicolour! #Musthaves
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