10 Heart Necklaces to Win Your Woman Over! #Valentine

Hey, it’s the month of love and you don’t know how to make her feel special? Well, before you lose hope, we’re here with the perfect gift to go with it! Hearts & Necklaces.

While you want to make your other half feel special. Though, sometimes, we all miss the mark. With not-so-smart hints and not-so-great gifts, it’s definitely time to mend our ways. When there’s talk about fine jewellery, we know Gentlemen that you’re at a loss. That is precisely why we have a selection that will be both, within budget and the right gift for her. Now isn’t that something? So whether it’s a heart necklace gift for your girlfriend, wife, or daughter, there’s a heart necklace for valentine’s day to go with it!

And inspired by the declarations of love and all things Cupid, we’ve picked out heart necklaces in gold and pendants that would be apt for your lady love. With her fashion-forward wardrobe and unique choices, these designs will surely become her favourite go-to.

At Melorra, we know the need for fine jewellery that can be donned daily. And we agree entirely. So while you’re picking out a heart necklace for her, make sure that it ticks all the boxes – light-weight, trendy, hassle-free, easy-to-wear, and easy-to-care. ‘Cause gold should be worn daily and not just for an occasion!

Check out these chic, trendy, and brimming with love, Heart Necklaces & Pendants for your lady love!

#1. The Flirty Fuchsia Gold Pendant for a little colour and the perfect addition for all her casuals.

Heart Necklace


#2. The Half Of My Heart gold pendant for a ‘my heart is yours’ feel!

Heart Necklace


#3.  The Fringe Crush chic gold heart pendant to don on those dinner dates!

Valentine's Fringes

#4. The Art Of Love Diamond Pendant for those nights on the dancefloor!

Heart Necklace

#5. The Flower Kissed Gold Pendant that she can wear for those get-togethers or brunch plans!




#6. The Heart Decor Diamond Pendant for those pub-hopping cocktail nights!

Heart Necklace


#7. The Rosy Romance Gold Heart Pendant for those cozy movie nights!


#8. The French Adore pendant with diamonds to show off you’re still lovestruck! *wink

Heart Necklace

#9. The Flowery Dusk Gold Pendant for those girls’ dusky shananigans together!

Heart Necklace


#10. A Fuchsia Date Gold Heart Pendant for girlfriend that she can even wear to work!


Since now you have a gist of hearts to go for, pick the one that suits your better half the best! From a heart necklace set to a heart necklace gold with name, there are whole lotta options to pick out from. So go ahead and choose your heart necklace for this Valentine!

Check out the entire Romantic Hearts Collection here! 

10 Heart Necklaces to Win Your Woman Over! #Valentine
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10 Heart Necklaces to Win Your Woman Over! #Valentine
Hey, it's the month of love and we’re here with the perfect gift to go with it! Hearts & Necklaces.
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