Uplift & Uncliche Your Gifting Game! #Valentine

You gave a rose, you cut a cake… Aren’t you sick of this gifting roulette?

Valentine’s Day is almost here and it’s here comes the dilemma – the gift! The cards, the balloons and the cake have all been done with. And after all this time, do they really cut it? What would we do with a teddy bear? Play? In this time when, we, as women, always go for something we can use, it’s definitely time for men to update their gifting lists!

While these gifts seem to be ‘cute’ and also last-minute pick-ups, we all know it gets old. After the usual bottle of wine, the cakes, the usual dinner and the hype of the colour red all around us, we’ve just about had it. Red is truly gorgeous, but maybe we don’t like it? Maybe she likes White. Or Green or something else entirely! So why shouldn’t Those colours be of importance instead? (No blue flowers please!)

Flowers again?

How many times we’ve celebrated with a bunch of flowers that are Dunzo’ed cause that’s all there was? A slight mention of the day, a card signed by bae and that’s the end of it. Getting a bottle of wine or setting up a dinner date, it’s gotten a little old. And most of all, these things last about…a day! And in the end, all we actually need is a gift that we can use!


“I got a cupcake last Valentine’s.” – Overheard from a friend.

So we suggest that all the men out there, change the game! Try a little harder and come up with a plan. Forget the balloons and trinkets this season and go for a gift that lasts more than a day!

So while you’re picking out your token of love, we have a suggestion to make! This year, uplift your gifting game, with gold! Now we know that it may seem like an expensive and traditional choice, but we promise, that it’s Everything except that! From being trendy jewellery that’ll sit well with her western outfits to being pocket-friendly, it’s a game-changer! Make way for the new and yes, forget the card!

This Valentine’s day we have something special for you. To help those men without a plan, we have a solution this year with our Romantic Hearts collection! This season while you’re trying to add colours to the day, choose to add it to gold with some enamel or add a little bling with diamonds! There’s an option for all.

Take a peek at what we have in store for you:

Let your heart do the talking this Valentine with a plan that’ll be exactly what she needs! Choose a gold heart pendant or diamond heart studs that she can don every day. Change the game, make a plan, up your gifting game!

Explore our Romantic Hearts Collection here!

Watch our Valentine film:

Uplift & Uncliche Your Gifting Game! #Valentine
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Uplift & Uncliche Your Gifting Game! #Valentine
You gave a rose, you cut a cake... Aren't you sick of this gifting roulette? Uplift your gifting game with gold jewellery.
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