10 Jewellery Gift Ideas for a Foolproof Valentine! #BuyMelorra

The Valentine craze is about to begin! Gentlemen, we hope that you’re looking for a different gift than the chocolates that didn’t work so well the last time. How about some hearts and roses, to stay with her longer than ever?


While quarantined, staying in long-distance relationships for almost a whole year. We know how tough that is! Post it, it’s time to reunite and celebrate the season of love with your love! This Valentines, make an extra special effort with an extra special gift for your special one! Gift her something she’ll absolutely love and can keep for longer than just chocolate or a rose.

Trying to answer the question ‘what do women want’ is not going to give you any results (Read: Impossible Questions), so why not pick up something that You Know she’ll love? One thing that has made women drool from the beginning of time (Read: Hugh Jackman) is jewellery! A little trinket is all she needs sometimes to lift up her mood, celebrate an occasion, or just to pair with a selected attire. So why not gift her one this Valentine’s?

Valentine's Gift Ideas

Even if you’re terrible at picking up hints, we’re sure that there’s a ‘heart’ somewhere that you can gift her. Or, a rose to lift her high! And that too in a combination of gold and diamonds! Nothing says love like jewellery, after all!


Celebrating this season of love with a blend of hearts and fashion, we, at Melorra, are here to help you out with your gifting woes. Presenting the Romantic Hearts Collection, we’ve combined the timeless heart pattern with the latest fashion trends to add a twist on how to accessorize! 

So Gentlemen, here’s what we suggest to gift your better half this season and show her that you know her and what she likes! And, post this pandemic season, celebrate togetherness with HEARTS all around!!


#1. The Half Of My Heart Studs to add a little spark to your date nights!


#2. The Flower Kissed Pendant that would become her go-to trinklet and also be a reminder of you!

#3. The Melody O Love Diamond Bracelet that she can flaunt at work and even at lunch with her girlfriends!

#4. The Pink Blush Pendant for that little trinket she’s been looking for, for Quite a while! 

#5. The France N Romance Pendant for that casual day-out or an impromptu Valentine movie plan!

#6. The Floral Love Bracelet for a sleek one that she can wear to work and also with her sundresses!

#7. The Elite Hearts Diamond Earrings, as a symbol of eternal love and romance, which brings a bigggg smile to your Valentine!

#8. The Mad About Fringe Danglers that will complement her fashionista side!

#9. The Pattern O Love Diamond Earrings that will be that bling for those clubbing and dance nights!

#10. The Flirty Fuchsia Ring that’ll be perfect for a work-day to evening pub-hopping plans! And of course, for Valentine’s evening!😉

Whether it’s for everyday use or one that’s as versatile as your S-O, there’s a piece that’ll fall perfectly with your needs. So check the filters that you’re looking at and pick up unique and trendy jewellery that’ll win you some brownie points! 


Check out our entire Romantic Hearts Collection here!

10 Jewellery Gift Ideas for a Foolproof Valentine! #buymelorra
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10 Jewellery Gift Ideas for a Foolproof Valentine! #buymelorra
10 Jewellery Gift Ideas for a Foolproof Valentine! #buymelorra
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