4 Types of Earrings to Wear with Evening Wear Dresses #Styletips


Do you know how many types of earrings there are? If not, how do you decide which earring goes with what dress? Check out this little guide that will open a whole new plain of vision for you and give your styling and accessorising a much-needed boost!

We, as women, love to get our outfits ready. Whether it’s for an occasion or just a special day at work or maybe celebrating a Sunday! There’s a perfect outfit in our closet for it. And for some, the perfect jewellery for each and every one of those days. However, there are still doubts to resolve when it comes to pairing accessories with a party gown.

The questions like…

Which earrings to wear with black dress?
What kind of earrings to wear with navy dress?

Will I get perfect and trendy gold earrings for evening gowns in India?

…so on and so forth are inevitable. But what can be done is to know the type and then decide. (While you’re here, also check out the easiest guide on what necklace to wear with different necklines here!)

Picking up the ideal jewellery for a black evening dress or a printed one is essential. Tying your outfit together, accessories add on the right amount of colour and shine. Whether it’s a subtle pair of earrings for western gowns or cocktail earrings for a red gown, the options are plenty and make our head spin (more often than not).

This is where we come in!  With multiple earring options, we have a whole range for you to choose from. Whether it’s earrings for a one-piece dress or a particular pair of earrings to wear with a sequin dress, we have it all! Read on:

#1. Drops

Also known as danglers, this range includes a dangling design that moves with your head. A perfect add-on for basically any occasion, it’s one of the easier choices for evening wear. If you’re wearing a print dress, choose to add on a pair of plain gold danglers that won’t clash with the print. If you’re looking for earrings to go with a navy dress, don’t fret! You can add on enamel or gemstone drops to add a colour block. You can also add diamond ones for a little shine! Check out many more latest and trendy gold drop earrings here!

Gold Drop Earring Melorra
Earthy Elegance Gemstone Drop Earring
Types of Earrings for Evening wear dresses
Trenched Out Danglers

#2. Shoulder Dusters

A longer version of drop earrings, it literally translates to earrings that touch your shoulders. Now that’s earrings for evening dresses! An ideal addition for an off-shoulder dress, you can also pair these up with halter and side-shoulder necklines. If you’re looking for accessories for a black off-shoulder dress, include a pair of gold shoulder dusters with a couple of stack rings, and you’re good to go. And hit the dancefloor!

Shoulder Duster earrings for evening wear
Twist N Tassel Shoulder Dusters
Shoulder duster earrings for evening dresses
Link N Repeat Shoulder Dusters

#3. Hoops

There’s a quote, ‘When in doubt – Hoop it!’. With a circular design that adds a retro vibe to your look, there are ‘n’ number of options today to choose from. So whether you’re looking for earrings to wear with a black and white dress or wondering how to accessorize an embellished dress, just add on gold hoops that you can flaunt from day to night. You can also add texture with enamel or diamond hoop earrings.

Hoops for your evening wear
Joy O Flora hoops
Melorra Gold Hoop Earring
Puff Parade Gold Hoop Earrings
Colour Compliments Gemstone Hoop Earrings

#4. J-hoops

This category has a partial circular pattern forming a half hoop. So when in search of earrings for western dresses online, this can be the latest style addition! If you’re looking to match with a specific dress, such as jewellery for a peach dress, you can add a stylish pair of J-hoop earrings paired with a gold bracelet. You can also partially tie your hair to let your earrings do all the talking!

Cosy Knits J-Hoops
types of earrings
Pearl Play J-Hoops

Since now you know the perfect types of earrings for evening gowns Do Exist, your jewellery dilemmas should be a whole lot less! Whether it’s earrings to wear with a black dress or accessories for evening gowns, you can never go wrong with our four picks. So add on earrings, pair them up with rings or bracelets, and let your trendy fine jewellery shine you in the limelight!

Check out our entire earrings collection here!

4 Types of Earrings to Wear with Evening Wear Dresses #Styletips
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4 Types of Earrings to Wear with Evening Wear Dresses #Styletips
Do you know how many types of earrings there are? Check out this little guide that will give your accessorising a much-needed boost! 
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