Top 5 Drop Earrings for Any Outfit #StyleTips

You have picked out the perfect outfit, thoughtfully swept your hair and makeup on point, but then you wonder, “What earrings would go with my look”? We have been through that rollercoaster ride of trying on earring after earring until we get the “right” one. There are many styles of earrings, and each serves its […]

Top 5 Must-Have Stud Earrings For Your Everyday Look

One accessory we cannot do without is surely Earrings The history of earrings dates back a long way, around 5000 years or more. They were worn not only for decoration or as an ornament, but also for cultural and symbolic reasons. Earrings have had a greater impact on history and human lives than the eyes […]

Match It Up! Your Dress-Earrings Style Guide

What is comfortable, airy and perfect for all occasions? A dress! Whether it’s a brunch party, a casual day out with your girls or an evening event, there’s a dress for it all! But, there’s always a wonderment of how to style up your earrings and dresses? And we’re here to help you out with […]