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7 Earrings to Pair for Your Back-to-Work Look! #Style

It’s time to go back to work! Which calls for only your finest looks. Get inspired by these earrings to pair for your back-to-work look! With work from home almost coming to an end, it means now we may have to put in a tad bit more effort into our daily work looks. No more rolling over in bed to attend that meeting! But on the bright side, it also means we can finally start channelling our best looks outside of our homes. So why not move back to work and to the office with a whole new style statement? Our Suggestion, you ask? Try something new for your office wear this season for a happy vibe! And so, on the note, here are some earrings to style up your workwear while also making sure that you are staying on the latest trends. Seven Earrings to Pair for Your Back-to-Work…

4 Types of Earrings to Wear with Evening Wear Dresses #Styletips

Do you know how many types of earrings there are? If not, how do you decide which earring goes with what dress? Check out this little guide that will open a whole new plain of vision for you and give your styling and accessorising a much-needed boost! We, as women, love to get our outfits ready. Whether it’s for an occasion or just a special day at work or maybe celebrating a Sunday! There’s a perfect outfit in our closet for it. And for some, the perfect jewellery for each and every one of those days. However, there are still doubts to resolve when it comes to pairing accessories with a party gown. The questions like… Which earrings to wear with black dress? What kind of earrings to wear with navy dress? Will I get perfect and trendy gold earrings for evening gowns in India? …so on and so forth…

Match It Up! Your Dress-Earrings Style Guide

What is comfortable, airy and perfect for all occasions? A dress! Whether it’s a brunch party, a casual day out with your girls or an evening event, there’s a dress for it all! But, there’s always a wonderment of how to style up your earrings and dresses? And we’re here to help you out with just that! With a plethora of earring options in the market, there’s a whole lot of confusion. And when we talk about gold earrings, the options automatically take a turn towards traditional. But we’re changing all that! Taking inspiration from the fashion runways of the world, we’re translating gold jewellery that’s perfect for your entire wardrobe, and that too, in sync with your clothing. Earrings on dresses have been a constant query that our stylists have to answer. So we thought, why not go ahead and compile this information for an easy-peasy solution? So if…