4 Unique Innovations at Melorra! #R&D

Some unique ideas and willful innovations – And we bring you jewellery in most unparalleled ways! Wanna check out some awe-mazing innovations in fine jewellery?

Who said you should just be ‘wearing’ jewellery? When you can adore, admire and awe at the ease, comfort and unique ways of wearing it. Don’t just wear fine jewellery, but enjoy the process too! Melorra has always been upfront in bringing new-ness to the latest trend inspired gold jewellery. Today, we’ll present to you the four INCREDIBLE INNOVATIONS from Melorra. 

With a whole range of gold jewellery to choose from, add some ease, pocket-friendly, light-weight and what not! 


Keeping you on-trend and adding the latest to your collection, let’s check out these innovative jewellery to crush on. 


#1. Mod is the New way!

Bringing modular twist to gold jewellery! And you’ve got 3 ways to wear 1 jewellery! Modular jewellery is not just a thing of admiration, but also a practical, fashionable piece that changes as quickly as your day plans. No need to fret about carrying everything but dive into this modest way yet convenient way of accessorising.


#2. Ease & Comfort on the go!

While fashion evolves every season, our wardrobe does as well. But what doesn’t evolve is the need of ease and comfort. Melorra’s ‘Easy to Wear’ innovation brings you some heartthrob jewelleries that are not only trendy, in gold, but are sooo easy to put on! Check out these selected easy to wear jewellery!

#3. Ultralight to go for!

You’re partying and your trendy necklace starts getting in the way of your comfort! Happens, right? What if your necklace becomes ultralight, without being compromised on the look, trend, preciousness and authenticity? Ah! That’s what we all want! Melorra has a solution for this too. Check out these amazing ultralight weight gold jewellery for you to keep closer to heart! These are amazingly light are everything you need.

#4. Bling to Afford!

Who says diamond is only for the ultra-rich? You can enjoy the glitz and glam of diamond jewellery while keeping your pocket in check. Sounds unreal? It’s not. Check out our awe-inspiring diamond jewellery that are well under your monthly budet or even weekly budget, so to say! Are you ready to bling on the joy of ‘Affordable diamonds’ with Melorra? Hell yeah! 😀



So, while you’re crushing on these amazingly awe-inspiring, easy-on-pocket and interesting gold jewellery innovations, check out more of such amazing collections here!

4 Unique Innovations at Melorra! #R&D
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4 Unique Innovations at Melorra! #R&D
Some unique ideas and willful innovations - And we bring you jewellery in most unparalleled ways!
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