5 Reasons to Buy Gold from Melorra on this Akshaya Tritiya!

“jewellery is like the perfect spice – it always compliments what’s already there.” 

– Diane Von Furstenberg

We believe that every occasion is worth celebrating and what better way to celebrate Akshaya Tritiya than with everyday fine jewellery? 


Whether you’re looking for something for yourself or for gifting, we’ve got a stunning range of gold jewellery waiting to be explored! From delicate gold chains to exquisite diamond earrings, there’s something for everyone! 


Don’t miss out on the Akshaya Tritiya jewellery offers!

 The Unbreakable Bond of Jewellery & Akshaya Tritiya!

The love for gold jewellery is deeply ingrained in our DNA, and it’s not just a fashion statement but a symbol of prosperity and wealth. You know what they say – diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but gold is her soulmate!

Gold jewellery has always been a significant part of Indian culture, and there is no other day like Akshaya Tritiya that celebrates this love for gold. It is believed that on this day, anything initiated will grow and prosper forever. Hence, people consider it an ideal day to start new ventures, buy property, and invest in gold. Gold being a favorite in many households.

So, celebrate this bond by shopping for gold jewellery from Melorra and mark this auspicious day with some bling! 

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5 Global Fashion-Inspired Jewellery for this Akshaya Tritiya 2023

These are our top picks from the latest collections for this season: 







White Dream Diamond Ring

Diamonds rings are the unsung heroes of the jewellery world. They do justice to any wardrobe you pair them with, and add just the right amount of panache when you need it. 


Style this diamond ring with your favorite ultra crop top and baggy jeans for a casual look or with a slip dress for a night about the town!







String Rush Gold Earrings


Date night or ladies night, no matter what your evening plan is, the string rush gold earring is the go-to accessory for a sensual yet feminine look. 


Pair these with satin slip dresses, black ensembles or even with the micro mini trend.








Sizzle Sensual Diamond Bangle

Inspired by the trend of strings on garments, this is a gold bangle with a crossed over chain motif at the center. 


An ideal everyday gold bangle that will pair with your denims as seamlessly as it will with your kurtas.






Stringed Love Gold Necklace

Some days are more special than the rest! Some days, you need a little sparkle and a spray of sunshine. 


The string sparkle gold necklace is just the right fit for those days! Pair this with your cowl neck dresses and sweetheart necklines. Style them with gold studs and a bracelet to bring the look together!







Chainsy Diamond Pendant


A diamond pendant is a must have accessory in every jewellery box. Whether you are a simpleton who lives the minimal life or in the perpetual rut of busy mornings, this pendant will come as a savior. 


Throw this on and get on with your day in style with no time wasted! Style this with a diamond pendant for workwear, or with a diamond bracelet and rings for a chic casual look!

If you are on the fence about getting your Akshaya Tritiya jewellery from Melorra, let us give you 5 reasons to pick us!


Global Trend Inspired Designs


Who doesn’t like to strut down the road covered in the hottest trends of the season! Why draw the line at clothes and shoes! Why not have jewellery that takes you to a trip to Milan, Paris and New York fashion week! We craft each design after carefully studying the trends of the world. We move in tandem with the runway fashion and our collections are an extension of the styles spotted there.


Easy On Your Pockets


Akshaya Tritiya or not, we all function around the perimeters of a set budget. It may be an auspicious day to buy jewellery, but that doesn’t mean you are left with little to fend with for the rest of the month. Say, hello to runway fashion skillfully translated into affordable yet trendy pieces. Whether you’re looking for delicate gold chains, affordable diamond earrings, or a statement cocktail ring, we’ve got you covered!


Everyday Lightweight Designs


Our lives and days are a world apart from the generation before us. Gone are the days when gold jewellery meant heavy, uncomfortable pieces that you could only wear on special occasions. At a time when comfort and convenience tops the list of priorities, traditional bulky jewellery stands little to no chance. So take a look at our gold jewellery offers for Akshaya Tritiya 2023 that’ll help you to invest in designs that are lightweight, comfortable and ideal for everyday use. Whether you’re running errands, grinding away at work or attending a party, sport your favorite piece from us!


Certified Gold and Diamonds


We understand that gold is a precious metal, and it’s essential to ensure its authenticity. Our jewellery is not just trendy but also certified so that you get the highest quality gold jewellery that’s 100% genuine. You can be rest assured that all your favorite designs are BIS-hallmarked and come with SGL and IGI certification to authenticate the gold and diamond respectively.


Hassle-Free Shopping


We all know shopping for gold jewellery on Akshaya Tritiya can be a daunting task, with crowded stores, long queues and the unbeatable heat to top it all off! So, shop at the comfort of your home while sipping your coffee and binge-watching your favourite shows. And have our stunning designs delivered right to your doorstep for free. Avail the COD option to 26000+ pin codes across the country. With options like 30-day returns and lifetime exchange guarantee you will not regret your purchase!  


So double down on Akshaya Tritiya with us and get your festive shopping sorted in no time! 


Check out our latest collections here!


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