7 Gold Ways for Your Week! #Styling

7 ways to gold for the week

With hundreds of options in our closet, aren’t you constantly confused about what to wear that’ll be perfect for the day. Every day of the week deserves its own fashion statement and so is the jewellery you pick out! Today, we are here to help you fulfil this desire of yours in 7 different ways!

Even if the outfit is settled, the next tiff goes on about which jewellery will go with that attire! Are we correct? Of course, because knew this pain too. 

Should I wear this to the office? Is it too much? 


Am I underdressed for this party?

I should have added a pair of danglers with this.

Worry not! We are here to streamline your scuffle with the style and jewellery – with the magic of gold! After all, gold is THE colour that goes with all! And why make the week so mundane, when every day can be a new reason to dress up and gleam gold to slay!

Riding on the 7 days of the week, we bring you these amazing jewellery styling ideas that you’ll love for sure!

Check out these 7 amazing gold jewellery pieces from the latest trends of the season!

#1. Monday: Chain Rebel Gold Bangle for the Work-o-holic in you, starting Monday, not with blues but gold!

gold bangle for the week
Chain Rebel Gold Bangle

#2. Tuesday: My Leather Piece Gold Ring for the fitness fan, because health comes first but you don’t wanna give up on fashion too!

gold ring for the week
My Leather Piece Gold Ring

#3. Wednesday: Elegant Boho Gold Pendant to nail that mid-week Zoom meeting presentation – all bold in gold! 

gold pendant for the week
Elegant Boho Gold Pendant

#4. Thursday: Funky Tie Dye Gemstone Bangle for the warrior in you that glides through the workdays sluggishness with perfect ease!

gemstone bangle for thursday
Funky Tie Dye Gemstone Bangle

#5. Friday: Disco Chic Gold Bracelet for the after-work Fri-yay night, disco done right!

gold bracelet for Friday
Disco Chic Gold Bracelet

#6. Saturday: Inked Shibori Gemstone Necklace for the adventurous you. These are perfect for those impromptu shopping sprees or that unplanned local hill trip!

gemstone necklace for Saturday
Inked Shibori Gemstone Necklace

#7. Sunday: Bold N Bountiful Gold Earring for the wine and dine with the girls to relax and rejuvenate for another week of slayin’ like a queen! Because on Sunday, you just wanna chill!

gold earrings for the week
Bold N Bountiful Gold Earring

Choose your jewellery that matches your style that doesn’t hideaway! Whether it’s about spending all day at work or hitting the dance floor, do what you love! And that too with precious gold jewellery made with love for any and every occasion of your daily life!

Explore the entire range of gold jewellery here!

7 Gold Ways for Your Week! #Styling
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7 Gold Ways for Your Week! #Styling
Every day of the week deserves its own fashion statement! Fulfil your fashion desire of yours in 7 different ways. Explore these 7 picks!
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