8 Notes to Beat Your Quarantine Blues! #StayHomeNotBored

The world is basically falling apart and there’s no silver lining in sight! Well, there is always some. All you have to do is look for it! So are you ready to find out?!

We too, are going through the ‘argghhhhhh’ feeling and having all the blues that anyone can probably think of. Done with watching all the cat videos and have seen the “You’re All Caught Up!” perhaps 10 times already. Who knew, that one day, we’ll have This much time on our hands?! (Me neither, girl). So while we’re all being a little moody, why not actually come up with some fun activities that make us feel a little less blue-r

Here’s what we suggest you can do:

#1. Add a New Life Skill

Now although this might sound really heavy-handed and there’s just the word ‘oh no’ roaming around in your head, we assure you, it’s not that bad. A life skill can be cooking, making desserts, learning how to paint, maybe how to draw or letting your plant grow Once (me), perhaps a software! The possibilities are endless and things you can work on without losing your mind on it.

#2. Read, Watch or Listen

While there’s a lot of time to spare, don’t let it go by! Picking up books that you have at your place, watch documentaries or videos about things you’ve been curious about or what to learn about. Or just listen to some podcasts! There are people all across the world sharing their views, their hobbies and whatnot. Tap into that sector! Maybe become a Youtube star yourself – who knows, everything is possible!

#3. A Good Time to Write Too

Everyone says that when in isolation or if you’re feeling frustrated, it’s a good thing to get it all out. Instead of yelling at a person or feeling sad, choose to get it out on a piece of paper or your laptops, and that will help a lot! Trust us! Just type your sorrows away! Simple. And if that’s not something you’re into, now’s the time to deep dive into reviews. Whether it’s for books, apps, movies whatever it might be, you can try that. Even go for your own blog if you’ve always wanted to try it out. Share your skill or find a new one, it’s all upto you!

#4. Take an Online Class

With the entire world under lockdown, some fantastic online courses are cropping up – that also for free! I mean, how many times does that happen? You can choose to take a virtual tour of the Vatican Museums, learn Egyptian Hieroglyphs, how to build an App or even a masterclass! All the options you can think of, right in the palm of your hand. Whether it’s how to draw or learning a new language, there’s basically everything out there!

#5. Plan Your Post-Pandemic Things to Do

Feeling awful staying indoors? Here’s a motivator. Make a list of things you’d do, post the pandemic. Meeting those friends you’ve been missing, playing that one game you love, going on that never-happened-Goa-trip, or go hiking, there’s a lot of things we keep for our somedays. So why not get to it after all of this? We all deserve a break, clearly.

#6. Check out Your Bookmark Section

Another hoarding that happens is in our bookmarks section. We save articles, sites and researches that we plan on ‘using one day’ but somehow never get around to. So, unclutter! Go through them all, appreciate the sites that still exist and the ones that shut down (I’m wondering about my Orkut bookmark here).

#7. Watch Those Films/ Series on Your ‘My List’ Page

We all have a listing online – From Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, Disney, Voot etc. etc. etc. there’s way too many of them and a lotttttt on our lists. So go through them all, find those surreal corners of these apps (they all have them) and watch different genres of movies. Or choose to just go through your saved ones. There’s a whole lot to explore. And plus, even if a series has 10 seasons….where do you have to go?

#8. Last but not least, spend quality time with fam – Reality or Virtually

A lot of us are stuck in different places. Some with their families, some with their roommates and some others by themselves. The important thing is to stay connected to the people you love. Whether it’s by playing board games with your family or going on Houseparty (app to check out) and singing your heart out with your peeps, there are options. Between our hectic daily lives and the lockdown, find the time to connect and know, that you’re not alone in this!

So while you’re out trying some of these ‘not so boring, may try later’ methods of entertainment, you can always write to us! Drop a message in our comments of what you’re upto lately that’s making you all Zen or even not so much, and we’ll be here to cheer you on!

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