8 Fashionistas, 8 Festive Buys #celebratewithmelorra #Melorrawomen

Calling all fashionistas! We’ve got a host of fellow fashion mongers and influencers who speak about their love for Melorra and why it’s the right  jewellery choice this festive season!

Being Melorra women themselves, these fab ladies talk about how minimal jewellery is the way to go this year. With over 10k followers on average, these young achievers are our muse. Go on and read up as they talk about what makes Melorra tick and why you should splurge on gold jewellery! These tiny testaments are all you’ll need to make the right jewellery choice this year.

So, don’t believe us when we talk how our gold jewellery is minimal, pocket-friendly, fashionable and so YOU! Rather, hear it from them!

#1. Namrata @My Closet Diary

Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Fitness blogger
Bangalore – Delhi

I usually find myself limited to choices when looking for a dainty Jewellery pieces to go along with chic western outfits. Well, thanks to @melorra_com, I laid my hands on this beautiful jewellery which is at ease both with my everyday western/contemporary outfits and goes with those special occasion western outfits as well. I have always been a fine jewellery lover. If you have noticed my everyday look, I wear dainty gold and diamond jewellery every day.. leading to an obsession with Melorra’s collections! I was looking for a one-stop destination jewellery shop, and then I found @melorra_com. Melorra has the perfect collection of modern jewellery which goes with every kind of western wear.

#2. Kiran Singh @thecurlyroute

Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle, Haircare Blogger & Youtuber

I love delicate jewellery cos it has a beautiful, barely there look. It always makes someone look twice. Can’t get enough of these precious, delicate pieces from @melorra_com. It totally goes with my trendy ensemble. You guys definitely need to check out their collection.

#3. Shraddha Gurung @lilmissgurung

Mental health, Beauty, Fashion. Lifestyle blogger +
Assistant Producer, @popxobeauty

I’ve always mentioned my love for everyday wear, delicate, fine jewellery. Something that works with almost everything I wear and these beautiful pieces from @melorra_com is my new found love! These are from the White Edge collection. Melorra is basically getting runway and fashion trends to jewellery, and I can’t wait to have more amazing pieces from them in my collection!

#4 Samidha Singh

Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Luxury blogger

I am a complete minimalist when it comes to jewellery, and I can say that @melorra_com has the finest pieces of Gold and diamond jewellery which are extremely elegant and minimal

#5. Surbee Suri

Style curator, Luxury-Beauty-Culture Blogger  www.thefashionflite.com

When it comes to jewellery what appeals to you????? For me, it’s always the price tag and easy to wear sensibility, therefore I couldn’t be happier to discover these elegant earrings on @melorra_com. Their pieces are fashionable, affordable enough to buy on impulse and more long-lasting than any other costume jewellery that I have ever laid my hands on. If you are a woman who buys her own jewellery, sees it, loves it and just feels like treating herself to it, then @melorra_com is for you!

#6. Malvika Gupta

Fashion,Beauty, Writer, Travel blogger

Keeping it minimal with this beautiful pendant from @melorra_com. I cannot stuff myself with a lot of pieces for an everyday look, plus I am constantly looking out for gold & diamond jewellery that’s trending globally, plus in my budget too! Melorra offers everything I need! (starting from 3K)

#7 Diksha Vohra 

Fashion, beauty, lifestyle blogger

Jewellery is like ice cream. There’s always room for more! For the first time globally we have @melorra_com bringing us trendy gold and diamond jewellery. Every collection is inspired by the ongoing trends and it is difficult to choose one from the large array of options.

#8 Vartika Saraswat

Personal fashion and lifestyle blogger, Lawyer in making.

The trendy gold and diamond jewellery brand @melorra_com have made me fall in love with precious jewellery. I used to keep my distance from real jewellery because it is just too chunky for my taste. But now, here is a brand that has got it right for us millennials. It’s affordable ( prices starting at 4300), it’s trendy (every collection is inspired from runway trends) and they launch 40 new designs every single week.

Be festive, be fashionable! Celebrate with Melorra, this season. Check out Melorra jewellery here!

9 Fashionistas, 9 Festive Buys #celebratewithmelorra #Melorrawomen
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9 Fashionistas, 9 Festive Buys #celebratewithmelorra #Melorrawomen
9 Fashionistas, 9 Festive Buys #celebratewithmelorra #Melorrawomen
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